How to contact Finnair at Nanjing Lukou International Airport?

Finnair is the air carrier of Finland, and it operates flights from many major airports, one of them being Nanjing Lukou International Airport. It is one of the busiest airports in China. If you have your flight from Finnair Nanjing Lukou International Airport, you should grab some information regarding it, so you do not have any trouble on the departing date. Below some essential points are given regarding the airport which you may find helpful.

Finnair Nanjing Lukou International Airport Address
China, Jiangsu, Nanjing,
Jiangning District, Yingbin Rd,

Nanjing Lukou International Airport Code: NKG

Finnair Nanjing Lukou International Airport Website: 

How can I contact a Finnair person at Nanjing International Airport? 

If you would like to talk with a person for your queries related to a flight or other services, then you can use the Finnair Nanjing Lukou International Airport phone number: 011-358-9818-0800. Here you will get assistance from their representative on your issues. 

What are the working hours of Finnair Nanjing International Airport?

Finnair is working 24 hours at Nanjing International Airport to support their passengers in any condition. If you require assistance, you can reach them irrespective of the time and obtain the information you need. 

What are the services offered by Finnair at Lukou International Airport Customer Service?

If you are wondering about what services you will get by contacting the Finnair Nanjing Lukou International Airport customer service, here is the required list:

  • Reservation: You can connect with them to make your booking on a flight and for flight reservation-related queries.

  • Cancelation: You may also take assistance from them regarding the cancellation of a flight and related concerns. Reach out to them with your flight details and make your request. 

  • Special Assistance: A person needing special assistance on a Finnair flight at Nanjing International Airport can request it from their representative. There is various assistance available for the comfort of the passengers. 

  • Rescheduling: A passenger can also take assistance from customer service on the flight changes if their flying preference changes before the departure. 

  • Updates: A flight seat upgrade is also possible with the help of the live representative on your Finnair flight.

  • Refund: If you want to get back your money from Finnair for the cancellation of a booking, then you can claim the refund by contacting a person on the customer service team. 

Which terminal is used by Finnair at Nanjing Lukou International Airport?

Any particular terminal has not been assigned for Finnair flights. A passenger flying in a domestic country can use Finnair Nanjing Lukou International Airport terminal 1 and for international flights Terminal 2. 

What is the check-in timing at Finnair Nanjing Lukou International Airport?

The check-in starts for all the flights 24 hours prior to the departure time. You need to complete the check-in process for a domestic flight 30 minutes before the departure and 45 minutes before the international flight departure.

Hence, above the required information, a passenger would be required to travel with Finnair from Nanjing Airport. Consider all the information that is mentioned and for more queries reach to the customer service. It is better if you obtain the required things and learn about the contact details before leaving your house for the flight.

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