How do I contact Bradley International Airport?

How do I contact Bradley International Airport?

Bradley International Airport is classified as one of the most important in the eastern region of the United States of America, especially in the region classified as "New England". Founded over 70 years ago, Bradley International Airport is one of the oldest airports in the US and is ranked as the second busiest airport in New England with the capacity to handle up to 6 million passengers annually.

Regarding customer service, the airport is available via customer support service (Telephone), social media, and also email, see below how to connect with Bradley Airport.

Bradley International Airport phone number:

Customer service at Bradley International Airport is the most recommended route for emergency situations, that is, it is the route most used by passengers for quick assistance. In any situation, contact the airport by calling +1 860 292 2000.

Steps to call Bradley Airport agent:

  • Dial Bradley Airport phone number +1-803-850-5252 / (860) 292-2000.

  • Follow the IVR procedure.

  • Press 1 to plan your car parking

  • Press 2 for information on shops, restaurants, and VIP lounges

  • Press 3 for lost and found

  • Press 4 for Cargo transport service

Note: For telephone assistance, the airport is available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday. So feel free to call the Bradley International Airport phone number any time of the day.

Bradley Airport contact numbers for help:

General Information: (860) 292-2000 / (888) 624-1533
Airport Parking: (860) 627-3555
Airport Emergency: 911
Airport Police: (860) 292-7400
Ground Transportation: (860) 292-2040
Information Center & Paging (Terminal A): (860) 292-2056
Noise Complaints: (860) 292-2038
Lost and Found: (860) 292-7400 (CT State Police) / (860) 804-4109 (TSA)

Bradley Airport e-mail address:

Bradley International Airport provides this address “” to support various cases. You can also choose this address to claim any kind of inconvenience experienced at the airport. Don't forget to identify your name and other details of your trip.

Bradley Airport official email address:

Bradley Airport social media:


What time do the BDL branches open?

The terminals at Bradley International Airport are generally available 24 hours a day. As for airline counters, most of them open between 4 am and 5 am. For lost property, call the lost property telephone number at Bradley Birport (+1 860 292 2000).

Are there a lot of cell phones at Bradley Airport?

The cell phone lot is basically parking lots available through the Bradley International Airport Regulation Service, which aims to reduce the constant traffic at airports when picking up a passenger. Lot of cell phones are available in the light strip which is less than 3 minutes away from the airport's A terminal.

Does Bradley International Airport have Covid testing?

Yes. Covid testing at Bradley International Airport is done by Genesys Diagnostics in the baggage claim area, i.e. between lobby gates 5 and 6, (11:30 am to 12:30 pm).

Where is the baggage claim at Bradley Airport?

Baggage claim at Bradley International Airport is located in Terminal A of the airport. Luggage starts to appear on the conveyor belt between 10-15 minutes after disembarking, sometimes even earlier or later than usual. For irregularities with your luggage, call the lost and found telephone number at Bradley Airport (+1 860 292 2000).