How to contact Air Canada Rouge at Toronto Pearson Airport?

How to contact Air Canada Rouge at Toronto Pearson Airport?

Imagine you have booked the flight and have to board from the Toronto Pearson Airport; you are stuck in traffic and don't know how to check in. In that case, you can use the Air Canada Rouge Toronto Airport customer service option. The customer service options are available on the website, and you can use them and get the detailed information regarding check-in. If you need help, you can visit the web portal and get detailed information. The airport has listed many airlines; when you use the customer service option, kindly speak your airline's name and get the details. 

You can contact Air Canada Rouge at Toronto Pearson Airport at the Toronto Airport helpdesk or through the Toronto Airport phone number (416) 247-7678 or 1 (866) 207-1690 (toll-free) and get assistance from the support person available there. They will provide you with all the information about your flight. 

You can also contact Air Canada Rouge at Toronto Pearson Airport by dialing the Air Canada Rouge phone number 1-888-247-2262 and the customer service personnel will guide you with all the information.

Some information on Toronto Pearson Airport: 

Toronto Pearson Airport Airport Address: 

If you have a flight or want to require other information, you must visit the airport and look for the address. You can use the given address to visit the office: 

Toronto Pearson International Airport
6301 Silver Dart Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5P 1B2

Official website link: 

If you need any information regarding the airport, you can visit the official website. To visit the website, you must use this link: and get all the details regarding your query. 

Social media links: 

You can follow the airport on social media to get regular updates from them. You can use the given links to follow the airport on social media: 


Toronto Pearson Airport contact number:

Toronto Airport customer service number:  416-AIRPORT (416-247-7678) or toll-free at 1-866-207-1690. 

US Customer Border Protection: (905) 676-2606
US Citizenship and Immigration Services: 1 (800) 375-5283
Peel Reginal Police: (905) 453-3311
Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute: (416) 776-5997. 
For Border Information Services; Outside Canada: (204) 983-3500 or (506) 636-5064, In Canada: 1 (800) 461-9999, In Canada, TTY: 1 (866) 335-3237. 

To send online feedback to the Toronto Airport:

You can also send feedback to the Toronto Airport about your services through the form available here.

Toronto Pearson Airport terminal information: 

Terminal 1 has many services like ground transportation, baggage allowance, and boarding area. To know more about this information, you can use this link from the official website: You will get all the details regarding the airport. 

Ground Transportation: 

If you are looking for ground transportation, you can visit terminal 1 for ground transportation. 

Level 1: In this level 1, you will get the baggage services and claims option.  This terminal is also used for arrivals. 

Level 2: It is the departure level for all passengers. At this level, you will also get services like security screening, Canada Immigration and Customs, information counters, security screening, US customs, and Wavier Office. Travelers will get access to all the gates from there. This level consists of 58 gates. 

Level 3: If you are boarding your international flight, you can use level 3 for check-in and boarding. This level has a connection to the parking areas too. 

Toronto Pearson Airport Lounges: 

There are many lounges at the airport; if you are an exclusive member, you will get access to the lounges. You can speak with someone there to get more details about the airport lounges. Here is some information about the lounges:

Plaza Premium Lounge: This lounge is located at terminal 1, and you will get the services like premium food, snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, showers, TV,  Internet, newspaper, and magazines. The price of this lounge starts from $49 per traveler. You can purchase the passes for the lounges. 

What are the services provided by the Toronto Pearson Airport? 

The services provided by the Toronto Airport are: 

Free Wi-Fi. 
Food and Meal. 
Flight Ticket Booking and cancellation. 
Visa Immigration. 
Special assistance. 
Baggage Allowance. 
Airport Transfers. 
Terminal maps. 
Lost and found. 
Art and Culture. 

How to talk to someone at Toronto Pearson Airport for Air Canada Rouge flight? 

If you require help at Toronto Airport, you can call the airport, and they will assist you. You can also raise your other queries but must dial the Toronto Pearson Airport phone number according to the query. 

You could fill out the contact form if the airport representative did not respond. To get the  Air Canada Rouge Toronto Pearson Airport phone number, you must visit the web portal of the airport, scroll down the page and choose the contact number according to the query. Follow the given instructions: 

Steps to call Toronto Pearson Airport for Air Canada Rouge flight:

Dial Toronto Airport phone number: 416-AIRPORT (416-247-7678) or 1-866-207-1690 (Toll-free). 
Listen to the IVR command carefully.
Select the language by pressing 1 or 2. 
Press 3 to check in with the airline. 
Press 4 to get special assistance. 
Press 5 to communicate with the representative. 
Press * to disconnect the call.
Speak with the Toronto Airport customer service from the information desk.

Where does the lost and found located at the Toronto Pearson Airport?

The lost and found is located at terminal 1 ground level. If you lose anything at the airport, you can visit this terminal and ask the representative, and they will provide you with all the details.