How do I contact Des Moines International Airport?

How do I contact Des Moines International Airport?

DSM Airport, also known as Des Moines International Airport, is in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. A passenger can contact customer service via phone or email and meet a representative at the airport. 

Des Moines International Airport phone number:

The most preferred method by passengers when contacting customer service is the Des Moines International Airport phone number for reaching a representative.

Steps to call DSM Airport customer service:

  • Call the DSM Airport customer service at (515) 256-5050. 

  • This number will connect you to an automated system where you can select from various options to be directed to the appropriate department or person. 

  • For example, you can select option 1 for flight information or option 2 for parking information.

  • Listen carefully to the instructions and press the numbers accordingly.

  • Once you are connected with a representative, you can explain your concerns. 

DSM Airport phone numbers:
General: 515-256-5050
Administration: 515-256-5100

DSM Airport email address:

If you prefer to contact DSM airport by email, you can send a message to the DSM Airport official email address at This email address is monitored regularly, and you can expect a response within a reasonable amount of time. Mention as much detail as possible in your email, including your name, contact information, and the reason for your inquiry.

DSM Airport Contact form:

Another way to contact DSM airport is through the airport's website. The website offers a variety of resources and information for travelers, including flight schedules, parking information, and airport services. To contact the airport through the website, you can fill out a contact form on the "Contact Us" page. This form allows you to provide your name, email address, and message, and you can expect a response within a reasonable time.

At the Airport:

A passenger also gets help from the representative at the counter. You can directly visit a customer support team member at the airport and get the required details or get your queries solved. 

Des Moines International Airport
5800 Fleur Drive, Suite 207
Des Moines, Iowa 50321

DSM Airport social media:


Reasons to contact DSM Airport customer service:

There can be various reasons for a passenger to contact customer service at the airport from Des Moines airport lost and found to flight information. Here are some common reasons that a passenger contacts customer service at the airport.

  • To get the flight information.

  • When there is a delayed or canceled flight.

  • If a passenger needs special assistance at the airport.

  • If a passenger has general queries and needs to get them resolved before boarding.

Keep in mind that no matter which method you choose to contact customer service, be sure to provide the details as possible to help the airport's staff assist you as effectively as possible.

What time does the ticket counter open at Des Moines Airport?

The ticket counter at DSM airport generally opens 2 hours before scheduled flight departure times.

Are masks required at DSM Airport? 

Yes, masks are currently required at Des Moines International Airport (DSM) in compliance with federal guidelines. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires all passengers and airport staff to wear face masks or coverings while in the airport and onboard flights, regardless of vaccination status. This includes airport terminals, boarding areas, and airplanes. The mask mandate applies to all individuals aged two and older, with some exemptions for certain medical conditions or disabilities. DSM airport and airline staff will remind passengers of the mask requirement, and masks are available for those who need them.

Does Des Moines Airport have TSA PreCheck?

Yes, Des Moines International Airport (DSM) does have TSA PreCheck. TSA PreCheck is a program that allows pre-approved travelers to go through a faster security screening process at participating airports, including DSM. With TSA PreCheck, travelers can keep their shoes, belts, and jackets on and keep their laptops and liquids in their bags. To use TSA PreCheck, travelers must be enrolled in the program and provide their Known Traveler Number (KTN) when making their flight reservations. TSA PreCheck is available at DSM for eligible passengers traveling on participating airlines.

Where is the baggage claim at DES Moines Airport?

The baggage claim area at Des Moines International Airport (DSM) is located on the lower level of the main terminal building. Upon arriving at DSM, passengers will proceed from their arrival gate to the baggage claim area, following signs and directions to the lower level. Once in the baggage claim area, passengers can wait for their checked luggage to arrive on the baggage carousel. If assistance is needed with luggage or other special requests, airport staff will be available to assist. After retrieving their luggage, passengers can proceed to the airport's ground transportation options, including rental cars, or taxis.

How do I contact DES baggage claim?

To contact the baggage claim at Des Moines International Airport (DSM), you can call Des Moines Airport baggage claim phone number at (803) 850-5252 / (515) 256-5050 and select option 4 for baggage claim. You can also visit the airport's website and fill out a contact form on the "Contact Us" page, specifying your inquiry as related to baggage claim.

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