How do I contact Nashville International Airport?

How do I contact Nashville International Airport?

Nashville is the military airport situated in the southeastern section of Tennessee, united states. This airport is also called a berry field as they serve world-class services to passengers. You can check all the latest information on your flight journey with them and board the flight conveniently. There can be chances when you face disturbance before or after the departure. Nashville airport understands all the disturbances and offers you the customer service team. You can talk to the representative by the different methods given below:


Nashville International Airport phone number:

You can choose the fastest method to reach the Nashville International Airport experts by phone. You must dial the Nashville International airport phone number at 615-275-1675 and listen carefully to the automated voice instructions. When you choose the preferred button, your phone will be allocated to the representative with whom you can share your concerns at the airport. 

Nashville International Airport contact numbers:

Nashville Airport Administration: 615-275-1600
Nashville Airport Customer Information Center: 615-275-1675
Airport Police: 615-275-1703
Air Service Development: 615-275-4460
Parking: 615-275-1045
Media Relations: 615-275-1653
First Aid Station: 615-275-1703
Human Resources: 615-275-1622
Noise Complaints: 615-275-1785
Paging Information: 615-275-1675
Passport Information: 615-872-5742
U.S. Customs and Border Protection: 615-736-5861

Nashville International Airport authorities:

Travelers can also get through to the airport authorities directly and talk to the BNA customer service at the given address:

140 BNA Park Drive, Suite 520
Nashville, TN 37214
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Nashville Airport social media:


Is Nashville airport open 24 hours?

The Nashville airport is open 24 hours daily to provide numerous services to passengers. The TSA pre-check opens at 4:00 am according to the appropriate flight departure.

How long is the wait at BNA?

The wait time at the BNA airport depends on the domestic and international flight departure. However, the average wait to cross the security lane and board the flight is 15-20 minutes. 

How early should I get to BNA for my flight?

BNA advises every passenger to avoid last-minute hassles and reach the airport as soon as possible. For international flight departure, you must get to the airport at least three hours before the flight journey. You also reach the airport two hours before the domestic flight journey.

Can I sleep in BNA?

Minute suits at BNA provide five private suites in the security lane, where passengers can relax and take a nap. Moreover, the priority pass travelers will get the extra one stay free of cost before the flight departure.

Does BNA accept mobile boarding passes?

Yes, mobile boarding passes are accepted at the BNA airport for flight check-in. You can show the e-boarding pass from your smartphone and mobile devices to board the flight. The authorities at security checking will scan the boarding pass and let you get into the plane. 

What time does Baggage Claim open at BNA?

The baggage claim at BNA opens from 3:00 am to 8:00 pm. You can reach level 2 at the BNA airport to obtain a claim for your baggage on the appropriate journey. Furthermore, passengers can dial the BNA baggage claim phone number at 615-275-1675 and speak with the representative.

Does BNA have a lost and found?

Yes, BNA provides the lost and found center where you can register for missing luggage. You can also call on the BNA lost and found phone number at 615-275-1675 and follow the automated voiceover. Once your call connects, you can discuss the issues.

Why is Nashville airport called BNA?

The BNA is the airport code that stands for berry field Nashville in honor of col, harry s berry, who headed as the state work progress administrator in 1930.