How do I contact Ontario International Airport?

How do I contact Ontario International Airport?

When you have a flight to catch and need to get to the Airport as soon as possible, it is mandatory to reach Ontario Airport two hours before the domestic and three hours before the international flight. This is the only way you can avoid any disruptions in your journey. However, you might also get some queries and issues that need to be resolved, and only Ontario Airport customer support can help you with them. Therefore you need to have all the contact details of Ontario Airport, including the Ontario International Airport phone number (909) 544-5300, office address, services, etc. Further, the contact information is given so that you can contact the Airport without any problem:

Ontario Airport Address - 2500 - 2900 East Airport Drive, Ontario, San Bernardino 91761, USA
Ontario Airport phone number: (909) 544-5300
General Enquiries - +1 909 937 2700
Lost and Found: 909-544-5128
TSA Customer Service: 866-289-9673
Customs and Border Protection: 1-877-227-5511
Ontario Airport Mailing Address - 1923 E. Avion St. Ontario, San Bernardino 91761
Ontario Airport official website -

Ontario Airport social media:


How do I contact Ontario Airport parking?

We all are aware of how many problems you face when you do not get parking at the Airport. Passengers need to get an efficient parking space otherwise, this could affect their vehicles. However, to avoid parking congestion at the parking place, passengers should book their parking space in advance by reaching out to customer support at the Airport. They just have to dial (909) 937-2719 and can talk to the parking support of the Ontario Airport and resolve their issue.

Does Ontario Airport require COVID testing?

No, the Ontario Airport does not require COVID testing to get on to your flight. According to the Covid 19 guidelines of the Airport, you do not have to wear a mask or do not have to go through a temperature check. Passengers do not have to arrive at the Airport early as well, but as the Airport does not have any restrictions because of Covid, the passengers need to check whether the airline from which they are traveling requires the same or not. They also need to know the country’s guideline on which they are going to land, and if the masks and temperature check is mandatory at the arrival airport, then they need to follow them.

Does Ontario Airport have TSA PreCheck?

Yes, Ontario Airport does have a TSA PreCheck. It is extremely helpful nowadays as it allows you to get through the security check-in in such a short period of time. You can avoid the long queues, procedures, and formalities and get to your flight as soon as possible. Some of the benefits that this service offers are listed below:

  • The TSA PreCheck hardly takes less than 10 minutes to get over.

  • You do not have to remove your shoes, light jackets, belts, outerwear, and laptops.

  • You have to make an enrollment for TSA PreCheck at the official website of the Airport or the Airline.

How long does security take at Ontario Airport?

The customer support of the Ontario Airport demands its passengers arrive at the Airport as early as possible. According to the Ontario check-in policy, passengers need to get to the Airport at least 2 hours prior to a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. There are many security checks, procedures, and formalities passengers have to go through. If passengers arrive late, they might have to face many difficulties.

Where is the baggage claim at Ontario Airport?

The baggage claim areas of Ontario Airport are located on the ground levels of both terminals. If the passengers have any query related to their baggage, they can get to the Ontario Airport customer Service phone number or baggage claim counter:

Baggage Enquiries - (909) 544-5128

What are the services provided by Ontario Airport?

There are many services that the Ontario Airport has for passengers which can make their journey better and stress-free. Before the flight, the passengers have to spend a lot of time at the Airport, so it becomes necessary that the Airport should have the required services:

  • Language Assistance - This assistance will help you with a new language and translate things for you in your native language.

  • Currency Exchange - Get to the currency exchange counter and exchange the money. 

  • Baggage Checkroom - Your baggage will be checked and stored here for transportation. You can claim them from the baggage claim counter.

  • Parking - The Airport will provide you with a proper parking area, but it is available on a first-come, first-served basis if you have not applied online.

  • Lost and Found - If you have lost anything, including your baggage, you can get to the lost and found desk or ask your queries at Ontario Airport Lost and Found phone number.

  • ATMs - Get money from the ATMs available at the Airport.

  • Smoking Areas - You cannot smoke at the Airport, so search for smoking areas.

  • Spa Services - You can get perfect therapy before getting onto the flight

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