How do I contact Salt Lake City International Airport?

How do I contact Salt Lake City International Airport?

Salt lake is the civil-military international airport in downtown Utah in the united states. They serve more than 2.5 million people and cover the major parts of the world with multiple airlines. One can check the flight prices with the airlines and board the flight from salt lake city international airport. You can get stuck at airport-related issues on your arrival or at departure. Salt lake airport understands every circumstance and allows you to connect with the customer service team. You can see the below methods and talk to the representative accordingly. 

Salt Lake City International Airport phone number:

You can contact the Salt Lake City airport executive through the SLC Airport phone number. Therefore to acquire the Salt Lake City International Airport phone number, you can follow the given points:

Steps to talk to someone at Salt Lake City International Airport:

  • Dial the Salt Lake City Airport toll-free phone number at +1-803-850-5252/(801) 575-2400.

  • Follow the automated voiceover carefully. 

  • Choose the appropriate button, your phone will be transferred to a representative.

  • You can communicate with the SLC Airport advisor and take their relevant advice. 

Salt Lake City International Airport customer service is available daily from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm worldwide. 

Important contact numbers for Salt Lake City International Airport:

SLC Airport phone: 801-575-2400
SLC  Airport Toll-free: 800-595-2442
Paging:  801-575-2600 or "0" on a white paging phone
For ADA or language assistance, contact the SLC Airport Control Center at 801-575-2401
SLC Airport Emergency number: 801-575-2911 
For Ground Transportation: 801-908-7204 
For Hanger Rental: 801-575-2957
Medical Services: 801-575-2911 or 801-575-2405
Noise Issues: 801-575-2824
Parking: 801-575-2887
Police: 801-575-2470
Weather: 801-524-3057

SLC Airport Mailing Address:

Travelers who face the problem can send queries to the airport representative by mail. Thus, you can write in detail about your concerns and send them to the below mailing address:

Salt Lake City Department of Airports
P.O. Box 145550
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-5550

SLC Airport Email address

Sometimes, you find problems upon arrival at Salt Lake City international airport. For this, the airport grants you to submit the complaint directly by email at Once the airport experts check the request, they will respond to you by email. 

SLC Airport social media:

Salt lake city international airport is also accessible on several social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Therefore, you can follow the given social media links and send the issues accordingly. 

  • Twitter:

  • Instagram:

  • Facebook:

  • Linkedin:

  • YouTube:

  • Blogs:

Once you send the questions to the above social links, the representative will check the problems immediately. 

How do I get assistance at SLC airport?

Travelers sometimes want assistance at the SLC airport regarding the flight status or check-in. If you wish to gain knowledge, you can dial the Salt Lake City airport customer service phone number at 801-575-2401. Once you select the language, you will get the appropriate representative on the spot to share the issues. 

How early do I need to be at Salt Lake City Airport?

According to the transportation security administration, you are advised to reach the airport at least two hours before the domestic flight departure. For the international flight departure. You must get to the SLC airport three hours prior to the flight departure to avoid peak travel time and bad weather.

Can I sleep at SLC airport?

Yes, you can spend a night at the SLC international airport to board the early morning flight. Concourse B in Terminal 1 is considered a potential sleeping spot. You need to carry an extra blanket for a comfortable night's stay. Moreover, you can also get access to the airport lounges and find a better stay.

How long does it take to walk through SLC Airport?

If you want to walk to the gate, the time can stretch to the half-mile or more than 20 minutes. You must reach the airport enough time before the scheduled departure for a comfortable walk.

Do you have to wear a mask at the SLC airport?

SLC always wanted to maintain the health and hygiene of each passenger on the travel. The covid cases are rising day by day, due to which SLC recommends you to wear a face mask in public places. You need to adequately cover your nose and mouth and maintain the 6 feet of social distancing. 

Where is lost and found at Salt Lake airport?

All the lost and found items can be taken at the lost and found section of the SLC airport. The third level of the terminal in the office area of the airport has the lost and found department. Besides this, you can also call on the salt lake city airport lost and found phone number at 801-575-2427 and talk to the representative. 

Salt Lake International Airport lost & found information:

SLC lost & found phone number: 801-575-2427

Where is the baggage claim in the new SLC airport?

All the departures and baggage claims are at level 2 at the SLC airport. You can register your baggage-related issues over there and get the appropriate claim for the destination. If you cannot find the claim area, dial the salt lake city airport baggage claim phone number, +1-803-850-5252 / 801-575-2400, and follow the automated voice instructions. Your phone will be forwarded to the representative to share your concerns.