How to contact Southwest Florida International Airport?

How to talk to someone at Southwest Florida International Airport?

Southwest Florida is the major airport serving various flights from Florida in the united states. Passengers who wish to travel always reserve flight tickets from the Southwest Florida International Airport. They offer various services to travelers and ease their flight journey to their preferred destination. When you book your travel, you can check the latest flight travel on their website to reach the airport accordingly. Sometimes, you indulge in travel-related queries or find difficulty getting the boarding pass. In these circumstances, Southwest Florida allows you to connect with their customer service team by the following methods. 

How to connect with Southwest Florida by phone?

They allow you to communicate with customer service by phone and speak with the customer representative. You can use the Southwest Florida International Airport phone number by following the steps and get the best advice.

  • Dial the Southwest Florida Airport toll-free number at +1-803-850-5252 / 239-590-4800.

  • Follow the automated voice instructions carefully and choose the button.

  • Select the preferred command, your phone will be transferred to the representative on the spot. 

  • You can discuss all the airport-related issues with them and gain knowledge accordingly. 

How to reach the Southwest Florida Airport for the baggage claim?

Sometimes your lost your bags at the airport or find unusual bags. If your bags are delayed or lost, you can reach the airport authorities or connect with customer service on the phone. Therefore, to file a report for the lost item, you can dial the RSW lost and found phone number at +1-803-850-5252 / 239-210-6453. With this, you will hear the IVR prompts you to need to follow appropriately. Once you choose the relevant button, your phone will immediately be allocated to the representative. You can submit the baggage claim to the experts and find your luggage. 

Southwest Florida International Airport Address:

Southwest Florida International Airport
11000 Terminal Access Road, Suite 8671
Fort Myers, Florida 33913-8213
Phone:  239-590-4800

Office Hours
Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How to contact the RSW Airport via live chat?

Southwest Florida airport provides you with a live chat facility to communicate with the representative. You can converse with the experts through messages. You can get through with the RSW customer service on the live chat by the following steps:

  • Access the official web portal of southwest Florida International Airport. (

  • After that, you can head to the contact section available on the home screen.

  • From the given ways, you can choose the live chat box from the right hand of the screen. 

  • With this, a chat box will appear where you can select popular topics or describe them in detail.

  • Once you send them to the virtual person, they will give you advice accordingly.

Can you follow the southwest Florida international airport on social networks?

Passengers can follow southwest Florida on multiple social platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can use the social links below to talk to the representative.

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:

When you follow the above links, you can send the queries directly by message. Once they receive the request, they will give you the answer on the spot. You can also get the RSW baggage claim phone number from their social sites to file the report of your lost luggage. 

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