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Cheap Flights From New York JFK To Los Angeles

Planning a vacation is definitely not easy and takes a lot of information, research, and planning because you have to stick to a budget and do everything accordingly. If you are traveling from New York JFK to Los Angeles, then you must be looking for cheap flight tickets. To get all these tips for cheap flights, you need to be well-enlightened about everything that can serve your tickets at cheaper rates. Let us look at all the information that can help you make the journey affordable and comfortable. 

Which Airlines fly from JFK to LAX?

If you are looking for flights from New York JFK to Los Angeles, then first you need to know the Airline that travels from JFK to LAX, as only then can the reservation take place. Though there are various Airlines, we have mentioned some of them below:

  • JetBlue

  • Kenya Airways

  • KLM Royal Dutch Airlines 

  • Aeromexico

  • Air Canada


  • Air France

  • American Airlines

  • British Airways

  • ITA Airways

How long is a flight from JFK to LAX?

If you are planning a journey from JFK to LAX and want to know the time it will take, you can plan the schedule accordingly. Therefore, the flight from JFK to LAX will take at least 5 hours and 50 minutes if there are no delays by the Airline because of some technical errors or weather conditions. 

Why is a flight from NY to LA longer than LA to NY?

The main reason that the longer time flights from New York to Los Angeles take compared to Los Angeles to New York is because of the Jet Stream. In Jet Stream, the wind blows from west to east and can often be shifted to north and south. It gets through the division between cold and hot and eventually can affect the timings of the flight.

How far is JFK to LAX by plane?

It will take at least 5 hours and 50 minutes to reach LAX from JFK by plane. The distance that the Airline will cover is 3,974.20 km. It is undoubtedly the shortest distance, though it also depends on the mode you have chosen to reach there. 

How to get cheap flight tickets from JFK to LAX?

You can avail airfare and ticket deals for cheap flights from JFK to Los Angeles whenever you want, but for that, you need to follow some of the tips that will make it easy for you to get tickets at cheaper rates. Go through all these guidelines carefully and enlighten yourself: 

  • The Loyalty Program: Being an active member of the Loyalty Program, you will always be given some advantages on various things. You can avail discounts on the ticket and enjoy the trip at cheap prices. 

  • Vacation Package: Single bookings will always be expensive for cheap flight deals from JFK to LAX compared to the Group booking or a vacation package. A package includes all the other services and facilities at reasonable prices.

  • Low-Fare Calendar: You can also use the low-fare calendar, which includes all the days on which the prices will be at the lowest. You can pick these days and make the reservation.

  • Advance Booking: Reservations at the last moment will be expensive, and the earliest you book, the cheaper the flight will be. So make sure that you make the flight reservation early.  

  • Off-season: When LA is on its off-season, all the flights to these locations will be available at affordable prices. 

  • Filters: if you use filters during the reservations, all the cheap flights will be at the top, and booking them will be convenient. 

  • Cheap Days: You should make your booking during the cheap days such as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because they have been considered cheap. 

  • Miles: After every journey or inconvenience, you can get miles, and these will be saved to your account. You can use these miles to decrease the amount of your ticket or even get it for free. 

Cheap Flights Fares

  • NYCNew York City
    LAXLos Angeles

    One Way

  • NYCNew York City
    LAXLos Angeles

    One Way

  • NYCNew York City
    LAXLos Angeles

    One Way

  • NYCNew York City
    LAXLos Angeles

    One Way