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Amsterdam: City of Lakes

As a teenager, we all have watched those movie scenes of boats floating in rivers on a full moon night, crushing over the serene beauty of the city. That city is none but City of lakes Amsterdam. The national capital of Netherlands, more than half of the city is situated near canals and people take boats to travel from one corner of the world to other.

Amsterdam and city of art

Amsterdam is one of the major cities that travelers cover while exploring Europe. You can stop here for a day or two and explore the city on boats. More than just water and boats, this city is much more. Known as a city of crime and illegal practices, today Amsterdam has turned into one of the most preferred places for vacation. Hence you can easily visit this place if you are a lover of art and music. There are so many direct flights from all over the world to reach Netherlands.

Places to visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is livelier when the sun sets and moon engulfs this town in its arms. You can take the help of below given city travel guide to explore the city.

  1. Amsterdam is home to many beautiful museums and old cafes where you can spend your days exploring the art and culture
  2. Once the sun sets down, the city lights up and at almost every street, there is a some live music show going on, that you can enjoy
  3. Apart from that, you can even explore city for its massive architecture seeing how beautiful the houses are or try local food or coffee at some bar nearby.And that’s how you can fully make up to your two days stay in Amsterdam and go back with bag full of memories.