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Washington:National capital of USA

Washington DC is one of the biggest cities across USA and being the national capital of World’s biggest economy Washington is one of the busiest countries ever. A lot of people travel to USA for different purposes. Its one of those few countries ever in this world that is equally famous for better career opportunities as well as tourism. USA is always on check list of travelers who love exploring places.

What makes Washington different from others?

Washington is home to many government buildings as well as its one of the largest cultivators of fruits like apples. The only city named after first USA President Sir George Washington, its home to USA’s rich history and struggle for independence. Unlike other american cities that have an amazing night life, Washington is known for its rich culture.

Things to do while being in Washington

If you feel drawn towards politics or history, Washington is the correct destination for you. To understand or know American’s history, there is no better place than its capital itself. Hence, take out some time from your monotonous work routine and before moving to exotic city life, stop by this amazing city. You can include below given city travel guide while exploring historical city of USA.


    1. White house that is world famous residence of USA’s president is situated in Washington only. Once here, you should definitely visit this place.
    2. Washington is home to so many state buildings and one such building is senate house that is the parliament house of the states.
    3. Washington is home to many dams, rivers and other natural parks that is perfect gateway from all the hustle of city’s traffic. You can come here and chill under shade of a tree. Ride a bicycle or read a book.


Happy holidays for your next trip to USA!