Amsterdam Travel Guide

Amsterdam Travel Guide: City of Lakes

As a teenager, we all have watched those movie scenes of boats floating in rivers on a full moon night, crushing over the serene beauty of the city. That city is none but the City of Lakes Amsterdam. The national capital of the Netherlands, more than half of the city is situated near canals and people take boats to travel from one corner of the world to another.

Amsterdam is one of the major cities that travelers cover while exploring Europe. You can stop here for a day or two and explore the city on boats. More than just water and boats, this city is much more. Known as a city of crime and illegal practices, today Amsterdam has turned into one of the most preferred places for vacation. Hence you can easily visit this place if you are a lover of art and music. There are so many direct flights from all over the world to reach the Netherlands.

What places are best to visit in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is such a beautiful place to visit and it is on everyone's bucket list. Before booking your tour to Amsterdam have a look at these places and get an Amsterdam tour package, and with the help of this, you can visit the best places in Amsterdam and not miss out on the best-known places mentioned below.

  • You can visit Head inside Westerkerk, the most royal and popular church.
  • Discover a bookworm’s dream at Rijksmuseum for amazing artwork and antiques.
  • Explore The Van Gogh Museum for Vincent Van Gogh’s largest painting collections.
  • The Anne Frank Museum is the house of the young girl Anne and his family.
  • Visit The port and canals of Amsterdam to spend your sunny afternoon.
  • Smell the flowers at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam to see nature in the city.
  • Live like a Royal in the Royal Palace, and explore the architecture.
  • Rembrandt House Museum is a dream place for an Artist.

How to book cheap flights to Amsterdam?

We all know that international trips are always expensive, and if you plan a trip in a budget-friendly pocket, go with the Amsterdam travel tips below, which will help you get a cheap flight ticket.

  • Book your flight ticket early; book at least 2 to 3 months before your scheduled departure time, as you get cheap deals.
  • Choose a multi-city flight rather than the one way as they are cheaper than the usual one.
  • Be flexible with your dates; check the cheapest day to fly to get a ticket at the cheapest fare.
  • While planning a trip, one of the Amsterdam travel tips would be, do not travel in December, as the ticket price is very high during that period.
  • Use your miles points to get a discount on the ticket, which the Airline provides their passengers after the reservation.

Why should I visit Amsterdam? 

Amsterdam is known to place for its culture and history; the royal places are a popular gathering place for locals and tourists; you won’t be disappointed in planning an Amsterdam tour as in terms of meals and drinks, there are some amazing cafes located, and the iconic street markets are the reason to stay there for long. 

But specifically, Amsterdam's beauty is enhanced by the weather, as this place has the most amazing shades of seasons, and it's enriched in culture and historical artwork, which we can peek into through its museums and cultural sights; it would be easy for you if you higher an Amsterdam travel guide so you will be able to cover all the places and does not miss out on any.

How much is a trip to Amsterdam?

If you plan a trip to Amsterdam, the average price for a whole week is $2,118 if you are traveling solo, as solo traveling is handy. Still, if you are traveling as a couple, the expense might reach $3,804, and the Amsterdam tour package for a family of 4 would last for $7,131. Whereas most hotels will charge you $2900 - $580 per night for a stay, you can also book your ticket through travel agents as they would help you get better deals. 

How many days is ideal for Amsterdam? 

After all your planning, if you are finally visiting Amsterdam, then make sure you visit all the known places for which the place is famous. It would be amazing if you had ample time; the perfect day for your Amsterdam tour is 5 days. You can see all the attractive and glorious places these days and explore the hidden gems of Amsterdam. 

How do I plan a holiday in Amsterdam? 

The first and most important part of traveling is the ticket, so make your booking early for your holiday plan, and choose the right season to travel, as the best time to visit Amsterdam is just after the summertime and also a little before, which is during April and May or around September and November also make sure you book Amsterdam travel guide for yourself as he will take you to all the known and popular places located and also will provide you with the related information.