Frontier Airlines Group booking

How do you make group bookings on Frontier Airlines?

Group booking comes into play when you are making plans to travel with your friends or family members or on a company trip. Instead of booking individual tickets, you can make group bookings and enjoy the extra savings and perks if you choose Frontier Airlines, then here on this page, you will get to know the whole process of group booking and the rules and regulations it offers. Let's understand how you can plan your group reservation with Frontier Airlines.

Ways to make group bookings with Frontier Airlines-

Frontier offers multiple ways to make group reservations. Here are the best ways written below. You can find the process in easy-to-understand steps.

Submit your group reservation request via the form:

With this method, you can request Frontier to make a group travel booking in advance. You can get access to their group travel request easily by reaching out to their official website. When you reach the website, then kindly follow the steps below.

  • Go to the travel section and then find group booking.
  • Then you will see the group booking form.
  • Kindly enter the asked details correctly.
  • Finally, submit it and wait for their response.
  • The frontier reservation agent will soon send you the response.

Group reservations by phone call:

In this way, you can request for group reservation or enquire about it by speaking with the Fronteir representative easily. You can make a phone call at 855 981 4544 and follow the calling steps. Your call soon connects with the agent as you press the buttons correctly; now, you can start talking and request for your group travel. 

What are the benefits of Frontier Airlines group booking?

In case you are in any doubt about Frontier group booking and wondering whether it's worth it for you or not, then below are some benefits mentioned that will help you make it clear. 

  • If you are thinking that group booking may cost you more, then you will be happy to know that Frontier group booking will cost you less than the total amount you spend on individual tickets.
  • You can able to negotiate on terms and conditions.
  • You can get additional benefits on group booking costs and in-flight services and amenities.

How do I book multiple passengers on Frontier?

When you make a plan, and your friend or any member joins you after the booking, then there is no need to make a separate reservation for them. You can add them to your flight booking via the following methods.

  • You can choose to add them online by reaching the website and visiting the manage my booking page. There you will find the option to add passing in your seat. Pay the cost and confirm it.
  • Use Frontier's telephone number to make a call and talk to the agent to book multiple passengers. 

What is considered a group booking on Frontier?

Frontier considers a group booking only when you book seats for ten or more persons in advance when your flight is departing in more than 45 days. Also, your group reservation is made under a single PNR number.