How can I get a seat assignment on Lufthansa?

How can I get a seat assignment on Lufthansa? 

When tickets are purchased on Lufthansa Airlines, and the confirmation mail is sent to the travelers, there is a probability that the airline might make the seat selection on behalf of the passengers. 

If travelers want to do their seat assignment on their own, they can do so by paying some charges to the airline. Basically, Lufthansa seat selection is made at the time of check-in or after the check-in. Both are possible. 

Passengers who want to do seat assignment on Lufthansa Airlines but are unfamiliar with the steps can go through the section mentioned below:

Steps to book a Lufthansa flight online:

  • Go to the website of Lufthansa Airlines
  • Go to the ‘Manage Booking’ section. 
  • Enter your reservation number and the passenger's last name. 
  • Click on the ‘Go’ button.
  • Passengers will see the ‘Seat Selection’ option on the tab that is mentioned on the screen.
  • A seat map will appear on the screen & select the available seats.
  • Pay the Lufthansa seat selection fees if there are any charges for the seat selection, and the flight seats will get confirmed by the airline.
  • A confirmation message will be sent by Lufthansa Airlines to their passengers. 

What is Lufthansa Airlines seat selection policy? 

Every airline will consist of the terms and conditions assigned to the passengers. These policies are basically Lufthansa Airlines seat selection policy, which is necessary to follow before passengers decide to select the seats on the airline. 

The policies are of different types and for different flyers. The Lufthansa Airlines seat selection policy is as follows in the section below:

Lufthansa economy seat selection: 

When passengers need to have economy class seat selection, they need to do that within 24 hours of purchase for the free selection. After that, charges will be made according to the class of flight tickets.

Lufthansa economy premium seat selection:

For those passengers who are selecting flight tickets, economy premium seats have to see if there are some prices as they upgrade the flight seats. This can charge them an average rate of selection prices.

Lufthansa business-class seat selection:

Those passengers who have bought or trying to fetch seats in Business class need to pay charges for the seat selection according to the airline's policies.

Lufthansa First-class seat selection:

it is one of the most expensive seat reservation types of tickets. Travelers have to pay extra charges to select a first-class seat. 

The passengers are allowed to change the seats that are assigned by the airline even after check-in but need to pay the charges accordingly.

Do you have to pay for seat selection on Lufthansa? 

Yes, when passengers are ready to select a seat on Lufthansa, there are some conditions that they need to follow. According to the Lufthansa seat selection fees, travelers are required to pay the charges to the airline. Lufthansa Airlines has a policy under which passengers have to pay the seat selection prices if there are more than 24 hours of purchasing the flight. 

How much does it cost to choose a seat on Lufthansa? 

Passengers need to pay the Lufthansa seat selection price in advance for seat selection. There are also 23 hours before the flight's departure when passengers do not have to pay the charges. The price is around $15 to $45 for advance selection for each flight seat selection. It can rise with the type of flight seat passengers need to enjoy during their journey. 

Is seat selection free with Lufthansa? 

For those travelers who have questions, is Lufthansa seat selection free, or do they provide free selection? The answers are sometimes yes and sometimes no. For passengers who are traveling intercontinental, that too on business or first-class flights, then there will be no changes for seat selection. For other types of flights, there will be fees that are charged by Lufthansa Airlines. 

Why can't I select seats on Lufthansa? 

There are situations when passengers are on the waiting list for the flight, due to which they are not able to choose seats or their flights. This is done when Lufthansa's seat booking is confirmed by the airline. Passengers who are worried about this have to see if they do not belong to the unreserved list of Lufthansa.

What is Lufthansa's preferred seat?

When the passengers buy or select the Lufthansa preferred seat, it is basically the front seat after the business or first-class. It has comfortable legroom that makes the passengers' journey more comfortable than usual. These seats are even closer to the front of the aircraft. This also enables the passengers to leave the aircraft faster when the flight lands at its destination. 

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