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British Airways office at London Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is known as a significant international Airport near Crawley in London. It is widely popular as the second-busiest Airport by total passenger traffic in the UK. If you plan to travel to your required destination on British Airways and want to share your travel queries, contact the customer representative team. It is superbly available to assist you with all travel queries at your required time. If you wish to seek travel assistance at Gatwick Airport, you must be aware of the contact details at Gatwick Airport Airport in London quickly.         

How do I contact British Airways at Gatwick Airport?

British Airways flies to various destinations from Gatwick Airport, providing brilliant features and services to make the flight journey secure every time. When you reach the airport for the ticket booking and another facility, you will connect with a human at the airport and share your travel concern to get the answer at the right time. You will check with the British Airways Gatwick Airport contact number, 0844 493 0787, or +44 344 892 0322, and share your travel concern to get the correct answer at your required time superbly. 

Thus, you can have a positive experience traveling to your required destination from Gatwick Airport and find relevant help at any time. Go through the various contact details with the travel services securely.

London Gatwick Airport contact details:

British Airways Gatwick Airport phone number: 

For each type of query regarding British Airways flight booking service at Gatwick Airport, dial +44 344 892 0322 and find the relevant answer at the right time.

British Gatwick Airport email address: 

When you cannot share your queries using a phone call, use an email service and send your travel problem to a live representative at and get relevant answers at the right time.  

British Airways Gatwick Airport office address: 

You can approach a live person at Gatwick Airport located at Horley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom.

Gatwick Airport code: 

You will get specific details to secure your flight journey by indicating the relevant code is LGW and getting a positive response from a live person quickly.

Gatwick Airport lost and found email and phone number: 

You can ask for the damaged items, missing baggage, and baggage allowance at 01293 223 457 and get the answer accordingly. Get the email service to share your travel concern for lost and found service at and wait for the response easily.

Gatwick Airport parking phone number: 

When you wish to check with complete help regarding parking information before you access Gatwick Airport, you can dial 0330 333 9268 and get the full solution anytime.


Gatwick Airport website: You find genuine help for the travel products and services for British Airways at the Gatwick Airport website; find relevant help at your required time especially.  

Gatwick Airport office hours:  

Gatwick Airport is open 24 hours to serve you better for flight booking service and other facilities that you get at the airport. If you want to reach the airport for check-in, you are recommended to get there within 24 hours before flight departure. 

Gatwick Airport feedback form:

You can also fill out the feedback form regarding the service offered by the airport or their assistance. Check out the link below:


Gatwick Airport postal address: 

You can write a letter to Gatwick Airport customer service for any complaint at the mentioned address:

Customer Services 

8th floor, Destinations Place 

South Terminal 

Gatwick Airport 

West Sussex RH6 0NP

Terminals for British Airways at Gatwick: 

There are two terminals at Gatwick Airport, and British Airways serves terminal 2, where you are advised to arrive well in time for your flight to ensure you have plenty of time to go to the security check-in service.

Gatwick Airport social media:






Services provided by British Airways at Gatwick Airport:

You can expect to find the various services using a phone and email and share your travel concern to get the answer at the right time. Gatwick is located 45 kilometers south of London and provides the best services below.

  • Flight check-in service: Get help with the British Airways check-in at Gatwick Airport from a top-notch travel agent and make your flight journey secure every time.
  • Lost and Found service: Providing lost and found service at the airport after connecting with a live person using a phone call and email service.
  • TSA security service: Find the best TSA security service at the time of boarding and get unique travel assistance from a live person at any time.     
  • Transport and parking service: You can share your travel concern with the transportation and parking service after contacting a live person and finding relevant help at any time.

For additional services like seat selection, flight change and cancelation, last-minute booking, and others, contact a real person at Gatwick Airport who is primarily open to assist you 24 hours.

Where is the BA desk at Gatwick?

When you reach the Gatwick railway station, it is directly accessible from the South Terminal. Hence, the ticket desks can be found for British Airways Gatwick Airport Terminal in the arrivals area of the South Terminal, and get proper assistance at any time.

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