How do I contact Wizz Air at Henri Coandă International Airport?

The Hungarian ultra-low-cost airline Wizz Air is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Being a low-cost airline, it delivers flight services at an exceptionally affordable price. It operates flights to several cities in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and South Asia. If you are looking for an affordable airline, Wizz Air is what you need. The airline flies to many airports across continents. One of the airports that manage the flights of Wizz Air is Henri Coandă International Airport. It is the busiest International Airport in Romania. If you are traveling to Henri Coandă International Airport by Wizz Air and are facing any issues, feel free to contact Bucharest Airport Wizz Air customer service, who will provide the best possible guidance to you. The complete contact information is given in the below article. 

Wizz Air Henri Coandă International Airport Address: For quick help of customers, the airline’s well-qualified customer service staff is available at the airport. You can reach their office and get help from them directly. The address is Calea Bucureştilor 224E, Otopeni 075150, Romania.

Wizz Air Henri Coandă International Airport contact: At times, it may not be possible for you to reach the airport and get help from customer staff. In such cases, you can call the Wizz Air Henri Coandă International Airport phone number and get solutions over the phone. The phone number is 0330-977–0444.

Working hours: 

The airport is open 24/7 to assist customers in times of trouble. So, if you ever face any problems, you can contact customer service 24 hours a day daily.

Which airport does Wizz Air fly to in Bucharest?

There are only 2 airports in Bucharest, namely Henri Coandă International Airport and Baneasa International Airport. Out of these airports, Wizz Air only flies to the former airport. Hence, if you fly with Wizz Air to Bucharest, you will land at Henri Coandă International Airport. The same is true if you fly out of Bucharest with Wizz Air. In case of any issues, you can contact the Wizz Air Henri Coandă Airport helpdesk and get help directly. The customer representative at the helpdesk will help you with your issue. 

Which terminal does Wizz use at Bucharest Airport?

Flying with Wizz Air to or from Bucharest and do not know which terminal to reach? There is only one terminal at Henri Coandă International Airport. The Bucharest airport Wizz air terminal is their standard terminal. You should reach the airport's main terminal to catch a Wizz Air flight at Henri Coandă International Airport. 

Other important information about Bucharest Airport:

The following is some other significant information that you should know about Henri Coandă International Airport. Go through it thoroughly to know better.

Bucharest Airport address: 

Calea București no. 224 E 

Otopeni, Ilfov county

Postal code 075150


Airport code: OTP

Henri Coandă International Airport phone  number: +40 21 204 1000

Departure information: +4 (021) 204 1210; +4 (021) 204 1200

Arrival information: +4 (021) 204 1220; +4 (021) 204 1224

Email address:

Fax: (021) 201 4990

Official website:

Postal address: Compania Nationala "Aeroportul International Henri Coanda-Bucuresti" S.A., Calea Bucurestilor nr. 224 E, Otopeni, judetul Ilfov, 075150, Romania

Bucharest Airport phone numbers:


(+4) 021 337 0400

(+4) 021 337 2037


Bucharest Airport Ticketing (airport office): 

Phone: (+4) 021 204 1355

Lost items at the Bucharest Airport:

Phone:  +4 (0786) 137 134

Monday - Friday: 09.00 - 15.00

Lost luggage Tarom:

(+4) 021 204 1708

(+4) 021 201 4976

Border Police point

Phone: (+4) 021 9590

Fax:       (+4) 021 351 5993


Henri Coandă Airport Transport Police

Phone:   (+4) 021 201 3242

Fax:        (+4) 021 201 4518

Otopeni Travelers Customs Office

Telephone: (+4) 021 204 1514 - arrivals

              (+4) 021 204 1560 - cargo

Fax:       (+4) 021 204 2518

Border Sanitary Service

Phone: (+4) 021 204 1558

National Authority for Consumer Protection

(+4) 021 9551

Bucharest Airport Social media:



Services provided by Henri Coandă International Airport.

Henri Coandă International Airport is known for its excellent customer service. For the comfort of the passengers, the airport renders certain services. Passengers are free to avail of these services when they need them. The following list includes the services that the airport provides. 

  1. Flight reservation and cancellation: got a change of plans? No need to worry. You can book and even cancel a flight ticket at the airport. Just reach the ticket counter and get help from the representatives present there. 

  2. Valet Parking: The airport also provides parking facilities for people who are coming to the airport by their vehicle. 

  3. Airport counter check-in: if you have not completed your check-in online, you can also get help from the check-in counter representatives. Just reach the check-in counter, provide your details, get your boarding pass, and you are good to go. 

  4. Kiosk check-in: sometimes, there is a long queue at the check-in counters. To help passengers avoid waiting in the queue, there are kiosk machines available at the airport where you can complete your check-in process. 

  5. Airport lounges: flight delays have become quite common nowadays. In such situations, sitting uncomfortably in the waiting area gets annoying. To help passengers, the airport offers the facility of a lounge, where they can sit and relax while waiting. 

  6. Visa-related services: for people flying to or from Bucharest, the airport also provides services related to visas. So if you want any help related to your visa, you can get help at the helpdesk. 

  7. Immigration services: the airport also renders services related to immigration. This is one of the many services available at the airport. 

  8. Lost and Found: sometimes passengers lose or misplace their baggage at the airport. For such cases, there is a separate Lost and Found area at the airport where lost bags are kept. You can claim your bag by contacting them.

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