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Wizz Air office at Katowice Airport

How do I contact Wizz Air at Katowice Airport? 

If you are at Katowice airport and want to contact Wizz Air, then here are the following all the details that you need to know to connect with them. In this article, you will get to know all the information related to the Katowice Airport Wizz Air helpdesk number. You must read this article until the end and follow all the steps in the best way:-

Here are the following steps that will assist you in contacting wizz air at Katowice airport through the official contact number; below are the following process that is mentioned you need to follow:-

Initially, you have to access the official website of Wizz Air from Katowice Airport, and then you need to navigate to the contact us page and start finding the official contact number to connect with them. After that, when you get the Katowice Airport Wizz Air phone number, then dial +48 32 39 27 000, and you will get in touch with virtual customer services that will assist you in following all the instructions that appear and resolve the issues that occur. Also, you need to follow the IVR process and select a language to start the conversation with them:-

  • Press 1 to make a complaint related to the airline. 
  • Press 2 to book or cancel the flight ticket. 
  • Press 5 to get the information related to your baggage. 
  • Press 7 to reach a real person from the airline. 

Katowice Airport contact details:-

  • Airport name- Katowice International Airport
  • Airport code- KTW 
  • Official website- https://www.katowice-airport.com/en
  • Wizz Air Katowice Airport office- Wolności 90, 42-625 Ożarowice, Poland
  • Katowice Airport phone number- +48 32 39 27 000 / 801 011 752
  • Email address- informacja@gtl.com.pl
  • Katowice Airport Lost and found contact number- +48 32 39 27 327 
  • Katowice Airport Working hours- 24 hours. 

Katowice Airport VIP & Business Services:

  • Fast Track – Terminal A (Non-Schengen): +48 32 763 13 42
  • Fast Track – Terminal B (Schengen): +48 32 763 13 47
  • Business Lounge – Terminal A (Non-Schengen): +48 32 763 13 45/ +48 728 406 504
  • Business Lounge – Terminal B (Schengen): +48 32 763 13 43 / +48 728 406 508
  • Email: businesslounge@gtl.com.pl

Katowice Airport Car park services office: 

  • Phone: +48 32 39 27 189
  • Email: bop@gtl.com.pl

Katowice Airport First Aid office: +48 32 39 27 241

Katowice Airport social media:

  • Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/wizzair 
  • Twitter- https://twitter.com/wizzair 
  • Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/wizzair/ 
  • YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KatowiceAirport
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/katowice-airport
  • Blogs: http://blog.katowice-airport.com/

Katowice Airport contact form: https://www.katowice-airport.com/en/our-airport/contact

Services that are provided by Wizz Air at Katowice Airport:-

Many different services are provided by Wizz Air at the Katowice Airport, and below are the following to know about them and follow till the bottom:-

  • Duty-Free Purchase- You will be charged no duty for certain services.

  • Free Wi-Fi- You are able to utilize the airport terminal's free Wi-Fi facility. 

  • Business Room- There are business centers where individuals can confidently and smoothly work. 

  • One-minute Shops- There are additionally certain shops where you're able to decide to buy everything that while at the airport conveniently.

  • ATM Machine- You can also find ATM services when you're in need of money immediately. 

  • Restaurants and Cafes - There are a number of services at the airport that you should be aware of while you are waiting for your flight; you get restaurant and cafe services.

Which terminal is for Wizz Air at Katowice Airport? 

So, there are three different terminals that you can see at Katowice Airport and to know which Katowice Airport Wizz Air terminal use then below are the follow all the list that are mentioned below to understand, follow them instantly:-

  • Terminal A- This is for departures that are on the ground and first floors. You can easily find some services there, like a check-in desk, cash machine, medical center, post office, and many more. For snacks, there are many cafes and restaurants for passengers. 
  • Terminal B- This is also for departures and has ground and second floors that also have check-in and money exchange desks, a LOT Polish Airlines office, and a pharmacy. Also, there are some shopping stops, and some passengers can find car rental desks there. 
  • Terminal C- For the arrivals that comprise of one floor where you can easily find the baggage claims and lost luggage and ATMs machine. You can also find their one-minute store, money exchange, and cafes. This is located near the main exit and entrance for the rental car desk. 

Where does Wizz Air fly from Katowice Airport?

There are many different destinations that wizz air flies from Katowice airport, and below are the following that are mentioned for you to know:-

  • Dortmund- it takes 1h 45m
  • London- duration is 2h 35m.
  • Eindhoven- it take 2h 5m. 
  • Barcelona- this will take 2h 50m. 
  • Kutaisi- duration is 3h 20m. 
  • Larnaca- time taken is 3h 10m. 
  • Split- it takes 3h 40m. 
  • Abu Dhabi- duration is 5h 35m. 
  • Liverpool- it takes 2h 40m. 
  • Tel Aviv-Yafo- time duration is 3h 35m. 
  • Malaga- it take 3h 50m. 

Hopefully, there is all the information that you need to know on how do I contact wizz air at Katowice Airport, and that will be advantageous for you to use them and collect all the other information. For more details, visit our other articles and fix all the problems. 

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