What is Allegiant Airlines pet policy?

Get complete details for pet policy on Allegiant Airlines 

Allegiant Air is one of the excellent ultra-low-cost carriers that operates scheduled flights to serve its various passengers daily. It is a major airline that works as the fourteenth-largest commercial airline in North America. It provides an excellent facility to reserve your flight ticket smoothly on its official booking website. When you fly with Allegiants, it allows you to travel with your domestic small pet in the aircraft. Cabin within the contiguous 48 United States. If you want to travel to an international destination and the U.S. territories, you must understand the rules and regulations to make your flight journey with your pet more comfortable.    

What is Allegiant Airlines pet policy? 

When you are all set to travel with your family and can't leave your pet solitary at the house, you can add your pet to your booking by interacting with a live person from Allegiant Air. You can make your travel plans with your family and friends if you don't want to leave your dog alone. But if you want to avoid unnecessary trouble during a flight booking service with your pet on Allegiant Air, you need to understand the  Allegiant Air pet policy and plan your tour to your required destination promptly.

  • If you want to fly with Allegiant Air and want to add your pets, you are allowed to travel with at least two pets per carrier.
  • You are allowed to travel with at least domestic dogs and cats, for which you need to book a seat in advance easily.
  • Get permission to travel with a pet carrier and add a personal item or a paid carry-on bag, but you can't travel with both.
  • When you get an allowance to travel to your required destination with your pet, you must have a current health certificate.
  • Ensure you know the size and weight of your pet; it should be at most nine high, 16 wide, or 19 deep, which you can check during booking.
  • Your pet must be under the seat without blocking access to the aisle when you travel in the Allegiant Air Economy cabin, and choose the best seat for you to sit with your pet.
  • You must check in with your pet with an Allegiant agent at the ticket counter or gate counter at least one hour before the scheduled departure. 

How strict is Allegiant with pet carriers? 

When you plan your travel with your pet, you must ensure the rules and regulations of traveling with your pet, who must be under the seat. You can also get the soft-sided cabin you can book during a flight booking service, and it must fit comfortably by not touching the carrier. You must also confirm that your pet can stand and turn around during your flight journey, which you can handle by knowing the strict pet rules when you fly with Allegiant Air. You'll need to avoid hindrance by connecting with a travel agent and getting complete details for traveling smoothly with your pet. 

How do I add a pet to my cabin on Allegiant Air? 

If you want to add a pet to your cabin on Allegiant Air, you must book your flight with a pet and select Add a pet in the cabin you will in the travel section. To do so, you have to pay Allegiant Airlines pet charge, which is around $50 per pet  Also, contact a travel agent to add your pet to your cabin and share your pet details smoothly over a phone call. 

Does Allegiant allow emotional support animals?

Yes, Allegiant allows emotional support animals to carry with you at the check-in gate, show a health certificate, and go for the TSA security check-in. It provides major protection to pets smoothly.   

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