How to select a seat on the Avianca plane?

How to select a seat on the Avianca plane?

Avianca Airlines is Columbia's largest air carrier and the leading low-budget Latin American carrier. Any travelers planning to go somewhere with the air carrier can go with Avianca seat selection either at the time of booking or later but before departure. However, it can only be done when the desired seat is available for travelers. 

The online process to select a seat in Avianca Airlines:

Passengers can prefer online procedures for seats at the time of booking. They can also select a seat at departure at a specific cost. Travelers should have internet access and follow the procedures to avail of an Avianca seat map in an online process very quickly because it shows various seat options in the list.

  • Travelers can go to the standard website
  • After paying for a successfully confirmed ticket or booking a flight, click the "Online check-in" option.
  • To continue, they can fill in details like the reservation number and last name.
  • It will show the modify option, and click on it for further process.
  • They can choose the desired seat from the provided options.
  • Also, passengers must pay some amount for their intended seat, depending on the traveler's windows or aisle seat type.
  • Additionally, travelers will receive a confirmation on their registered email id for their favorite seat.

Physical airport visit for seat selection:

They can also go to the Airport, and request seat selection assistance from the Avianca Airlines help desk center. The executives will help passengers at the Airport instantly regarding seat selection. However, they must go to the Airport at least 3 hours before departure.  

How to call Avianca to pick a seat?

Travelers can use phones as the fastest way to communicate with executives and ask for seat selection assistance from them. They can use Avianca seat selection phone numbers to discuss their desired seat and ask how to avail it easily. They can call +1 800-284-2622 and wait for the representative's response. The trained operator will help travelers with the best available seat options and suggest how to avail it smoothly.

Moreover, passengers can communicate with agents at any time within 24 hours. But for easy connection, they can contact them in the early morning hours because, at this time, only a few passengers are available on call, and also, call flow volume could be a lot higher. 

What is Avianca's seat selection policy? 

Before choosing any seat in the airline, passengers should go through its policies in detail. Travelers can get exact ideas of the amount when they focus on Avianca seat selection policy, and also it will assist them in selecting the best available seats. They can see the following points to know about its policies in detail.

  • Travelers can make desired seat selections from the official Avianca Airlines website and do it during check-in options.
  • The Airlines have many different seat options for passengers, such as economy, premium, and premium plus.
  • It depends on the travelers which seat types they are looking for, and they can reserve their favorite seat per their preferences.
  • If travelers select their seat as per choice, they need to pay some amount which is considered a seat selection fee.
  • They can also go with an empty seat in case of extra space is needed.
  • Further, Avianca Airlines offers any flight seat when travelers are not interested in seat selections.
  • If any travelers have booked air tickets with higher seat class, they can go with free seat selection within 24 hours of booking or more than seven days of departure.  

How much does it cost to select a seat on an Avianca flight?

When travelers select their favorite seat on Avianca Airlines, they must pay some selection charges, which may vary depending on their seat types. Also, travelers can quickly go with Avianca seat selection fees because it is affordable compared to other airlines. The following points can show the approximate price for a favorite seat on the airline.

  • Avianca seat selection fees usually depend on three major things: fare, class, and seat choices.
  • The charges may vary from 13 to 23 CAD for economy class and 40 to 43 CAD for emergency exit seat type.
  • Similarly, plus and premium seats are approximately 55 to 58 CAD and 100 CAD.

Thus, Avianca Airlines assists travelers in obtaining their favorite seats on the flight. But, they run their flight services with some terms and conditions for seat selection. Also, charges some fees which are applicable as per their seat choices.