How to cancel the Breeze Airways flight?

How to cancel the Breeze Airways flight? 

There are some situations when you have to cancel your flight booking. Breeze Airways makes this process very simple for you. You can easily cancel your flight booking with Breeze Airways. There are three significant approaches through which you can contact the airline to cancel Breeze Airways flight reservations. Kindly follow the steps to make the ahead process easy:

Cancel Breeze Airways flight online:

The easiest way by which you can cancel the Breeze Airways flight booking is by using the my trips option on the website.

Steps to cancel Breeze Airways flight online: 

The passengers can cancel Breeze Airways flights online anytime they want to in case of emergency or change in plans. If you are facing strain while canceling your ticket, please follow the steps:

  • Visit the Breeze Airways website. (

  • There will be the option of my trips. Click on that tab.

  • Enter all the necessary data like the name of the passenger six digit PNR number, and other flight details. 

  • Click on search.

  • After searching, you will see the secured flight reservation. 

  • There will be the option to cancel. Click on that. Then the airline will ask you to confirm the cancellation. Click on confirm.

  • After confirming, your reservation will be canceled. 

  • A cancellation refund will be credited to the registered bank account details.

Cancel Breeze Airlines reservation through phone:

A phone call is the best way to cancel your reservation hassle-free. One can call to cancel the ticket by dialing the Breeze phone number. IVR will lead the call. Passengers must dial the right number which suits them the best, wait till the representative connects, and a live representative will be ready to assist them. 

Steps to cancel Breeze Airways flight on call:

  • Dial Breeze Airways phone number 1-501-273-3931

  • Select the language in which you are comfortable having a conversation.

  • Dial 1 for booking flight tickets.

  • Dial 2 for the current reservation status.

  • Dial 3 for rescheduling.

  • Dial 4 for a payback.

  • Dial # to connect to a live person at Breeze Airways. 

  • Provide them with the registered account details, and a refund will be credited to your account in 7 to 12 working days.

Cancel Breeze Airways flight at the airport: 

The last way to cancel the reservation is at the airport. Please follow the steps to cancel the reservation without paying any cancellation fee. Passengers have to visit the airport. Find the ticket counter of Breeze Airways. Tell the executive you want to cancel the reservation backing up with a valid reason. Provide the required personnel as well as flight details to the executive. Lastly, confirm with them that you want to cancel the reservation.

Can you cancel flights on Breeze Airways?

Yes, you can cancel the flight ticket on breeze airways either from their official website through manage bookings or directly at the airport. 

What is Breeze Airways cancellation policy?

  • Before canceling your Breeze Airways reservation, different cancellation policies and cost are applied to cancelation. You should know more about Breeze Airways cancellation policy before canceling the flight ticket. A small amount will be deducted if the ticket was purchased from outside or by an agent as their commission.
  • The customer will be charged Breeze Airways cancellation fee if the cancellation is made after 24 hours of ticket purchase. Charges may vary according to Breeze Airways' assessment of the ticket.

  • If there are any medical concerns, the cancellation charge can be put off, but you must submit relevant medical documents to support your argument for this benefit.

  • No cancellation fee will be charged when your flight gets postponed by 2 hours.  

Breeze Airways 24 hours cancellation policy:

There is a policy of Breeze Airways 24 hours cancellation, where the passenger cancels their ticket within 24 hours, and no cancellation fees are applicable regardless of which class they have reserved. They will get the full amount reimbursed on their given bank account details.

Breeze Airways COVID-19 cancellation policy:

Nowadays, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Breeze Airlines has modified its cancellation process and made it more flexible for its passengers mentioned below:

Unfortunately, if the passenger catches COVID before the departure time of the flight, there is a Breeze Airways COVID cancellation policy; the infected passenger can cancel it without paying any cancellation fee.
If any crew member of the flight catches COVID, the passengers are eligible to cancel the flight free of cost.

How much does it cost to cancel a Breeze Airways flight?

There are no Breeze Airways cancellation fees apply if the passenger is canceling the flight before 24 hours of departure time; additionally, no fee will be applicable if a cancellation is made due to bad weather conditions. The passenger will have to clear the accounts if they are canceling their booking outside their grace period. There are high chances that they might have to spend $50 to $300.