Change Last Name On Spirit Airlines Booking

How to change the last name on Spirit Airlines booking?

Sometimes, while making flight reservations, Spirit Airlines ticket holders realize that they end up entering an incorrect name and they wish to rectify their mistakes. If you are holding a Spirit ticket and you wish to change your last name, then you must note that Spirit does not permit you to make entire name changes. If still you wish to process Spirit Airlines last name change, then you must consider name change policies. All the details regarding the same are provided in the approaching section. 

Spirit Airlines Name Change Policies:

Many travelers wish to make name changes to their tickets. If you are one among them, then it is important that read and follow Spirit Airlines last name change policy highlights given below: 

  • Those ticket holders who request to make name changes to their reservations within the initial 24 hours of flight reservations can skip paying a name change fee. 
  • If they make name changes after 24 hours, they are required to pay an additional name change fee. 
  • If you wish to make a name change on Spirit tickets, then you must make sure that you are providing all the documents.
  • Complete name changes are not possible; customers can only make name changes up to three characters.
  • If you, by mistake, select the incorrect title of your name, then you can make changes. 
  • If your name has been changed legally or your marriage or divorce is the reason for your last name change, then you must make sure that you are providing all the supporting documents. 

What name changes are permissible by Spirit Airlines?

It must be clear that Spirit Airlines is strict with its name change conditions and only allows the following modifications:

  • Minor name changes are allowed like spelling mistakes.
  • Title correction is allowed.
  • Last names due to legal reasons or marriage or divorce are allowed. 

What documents are needed for Spirit's last name changes? 

If you wish to make name changes to your existing tickets, then you must provide the following documents to the airline:

  • Legal document validating your name change.
  • Divorce documents.
  • Marriage certificates.
  • Court license or documents.

How much does it cost to make Spirit name changes?

Those ticket holders who want to make name changes to their bookings must pay Spirit Airlines last name change fees that might cost you around somewhere from $30 to $80. If you have any minor spelling mistakes or legal name changes, then you are permissible for free name changes. 

The online process to make Spirit Airlines name changes:

Those travelers who wish to make changes to their existing tickets must go through the following online steps:

  • Go to the official Spirit Airlines website.
  • Click on the “My trips” option.
  • Now, your email address and password must be inserted to find your ticket.
  • As you get your ticket, you must click on the edit option.
  • Make the desired and permissible changes.
  • Press on the save button.
  • Make the additional name change payment by selecting your preferred transaction mode. 
  • Soon, you will receive an email stating name changes.

Contact Spirit Airlines customer services to request last name change:

Customer services can be contacted to request a last name change. You can dial the official phone number:  1-855-728-3555, and stay in the phone line until your call is answered by an automated voice. You can follow the generated instructions to get your call being forwarded to a live representative. Once you come in contact with a Live Spirit representative handling name changes, you can mention your ticket number and request them to make the desired changes. If needed, make the name change fee online. Soon, you will be informed about your name changes.