Get Extra Legroom Seats on Air Canada Flight

How to get extra legroom on Air Canada?

Traveling to the desired place with Air Canada is always a memorable journey due to their top-rated services on the flight and at the airport. They make travel more enjoyable, and preferable airlines also provide different seating options on which the services and fares vary. Of all the seating options, one of the most favorable seating options is the extra legroom seat in which customers will get more leg space and an extra comfortable seat. In case any customers are looking to travel over the extra legroom, then they can easily select that by using the online option or by reaching the airline's counter at the airport. 

Procedure to get extra legroom seats on Air Canada:

If any customers are looking for Air Canada extra legroom but do not have information about the procedure, then they can use the below points. 

  • Find out the official website of Air Canada.
  • Now you must choose the manage booking option and provide your PNR number with your last name.
  • Open the seat selection section, and on the following page, you will able to check all the available seat options.
  • Next, must make the selection of that seat which is favorable for you and save it.
  • Last, if there are any charges available for seat selection, then pay them and you will get the email of successfully making the seat selection. 

Does Air Canada have more legroom?

Yes, Air Canada has more legroom seats, and there are different seating options available. Still, if you select the Premium Economy seat, then you will be able to receive the facility of more legroom space. This seat type of Air Canada will provide you with more than 38 inches of pitch, 8 inches of extra legroom compared with standard or economy class seats, 18 to 20 inches of armrests, etc. The premium economy compartment of Air Canada is comparatively small, and it has three rows of two seats. To get the extra legroom space, you will need to pay Air Canada extra legroom fees, which will vary as per destination, but still, it is in between20USDto180USD.

Does Air Canada have good legroom?

Yes, Air Canada has convenient legroom space in there each cabin, but the finest legroom space is available in premium economy class; in this cabin, you will get more legroom with recline seats, which will help you when you have any long-haul route flights as you will able to stretch out easily. While making the selection of premium economy class, you will get a greater recline of 17.7cm compared with economy class, a next-generation entertainment system with a personal touch screen TV, an audio jack with its headset, a USB port for charging, two free checked bags, priority boarding, check-in, baggage handling, etc.

Are preferred seats on Air Canada worth it?

Yes, Air Canada's preferred seats are entirely worth it due to their features and facilities, and you can choose these seats while making the reservation, Still, if you forget it at that time, then you can select the seat after the reservation by using the manage booking option. Air Canada recommends you choose the preferred seats as early as possible to avoid the risk of unavailability. The preferred seats are in the bulkhead row or the first few rows of the cabin, few preferred seats are also available in the exit row, but not every customer is allowed to choose those seats due to safety reasons. In case you are looking for the benefits of the preferred seats, then you have to go through below. 

  • You will get up to 10 cm or 04 inches of extra space.
  • Bulkhead row space will provide more knee space in comparison with regular seats.
  • Early arrival and exit benefits as these seats are closer to the gates