How to get KLM Airlines large seats?

A quick guide about ‘How to get KLM Large seats’ 

KLM Airlines always ensures to give all the comforts to its passengers on board so that they can have the most beautiful journey. The airline understands that seats play a very important role when we talk about comfort in the air. So, considering the versatile nature of passengers, the airline offers various seating options, including large seats. If you want to book KLM Airlines large seats for you, it is pretty simple. This article will discuss all about how you can get KLM large seats, how big they are, prices, etc. You shall read it until the end if you are looking forward to booking your seat with KLM. 

How to get KLM Airlines large seats?

KLM allows its passengers to choose the standard set at the ticket of check-in at no additional cost. However, if you want to get the offered seat, like a large seat, you can reserve it via My Trip on the website. Here is how: 

  • Go to the KLM Airlines official web page online
  • Click on the ‘My Trip’ option at the top 
  • Now access your KLM account by providing the credentials 
  • Select the itinerary you want to choose a seat for, and click on ‘Edit reservation.’
  • You get an option to choose the desired seat on the screen; click on it 
  • Now select the large seat from the set map and proceed
  • Pay for the seat selection cost and agree to the terms and conditions 
  • Follow the instructions you get on the screen, and you will be able to get your seats successfully 

Contact KLM by phone: 

If you have any confusion with the online process, you can speak to the KLM agent by dialing the hotline at 1-800-618-0104. Ask the agent if you wish to choose the large seats and follow their instructions. The agent will book your large seats, and you can pay for them online. 

How big are the seats on KLM?

The KLM standard seats have a legroom of 76 cm when you fly within Europe, and it is 79 cm when you fly internationally. The seat size increases as per the class you travel. The Klm large seat international has 61 cm more legroom than the standard one and is located next to the emergency exits. 

How much does a KLM Large seat cost?

The Klm large seat price depends on various factors, including the travel route, the time of day you fly, your Flying Blue level, and other external factors. If you want to know the seat cost, you can check it at the time of booking. You can also talk to the KLM agent directly to know the seat cost in your case. 

Conclusion: If you want to get KLM large seats it is possible, and there are various ways. However, check the associated terms and conditions with that to avoid any hassle. Besides, if you want to get more information about KLM Airlines large seats, you can speak to the airline directly, or you can visit the KLM Airlines official website and check out the KLM seat selection page.