How do I cancel my Vueling Airlines booking?

How do I cancel my Vueling Airlines booking? 

Vueling is one of the most chartered airlines around the globe. The airline's services get them immense love and security amongst the passengers. All of the services are very easily accessible at the airlines. So, if you want to gather information about Vueling cancel flights, then refer to the information below. The article below has the entire knowledge involved in canceling your Vueling Airlines flight. 

Steps to cancel Vueling Airlines flight online:

Although there are various ways to cancel the flight at Vueling Airlines, the best and the most preferred one is through the official website. The steps for the same are as listed below; you can follow them and cancel your Vueling Airlines flight. 

  • Visit the official website of Vueling Airlines. 

  • On the homepage, you will see the "Your Bookings" option. 

  • Click on the option under the tab. 

  • Add in your booking code and then the email id of the purchaser. This will take you to the flight booking which you want to cancel. 

  • Click on the flight details, and you will see the cancel booking option.

  • Select the option and follow the onscreen instructions for flight booking cancellation. 

  • Confirm your flight cancellation, and then pay Vueling cancellation charges if required. 

  • Then, you will receive a confirmation mail that your flight is no longer available. 

Other ways to cancel the Vueling Airlines booking:

Now, there are many other ways to cancel your Vueling Airlines booking, and the steps included in all of them are also written below for your assistance. 

Cancel Vueling flight via call:

  • Dial the Vueling cancellation phone number, 011 34 931 51 81 58. 

  • Wait on the call to get connected with the IVR. 

  • The IVR will ask you to pick your language and press the associated number. 

  • Tell the reason for contacting the Vueling help desk.

  • Choose the number required and get connected with the human assistant at Vueling. 

  • Request them to cancel your flight. 

Cancel Vueling flight at the airport:

You can also visit the nearby airport with the airline terminal near you. You can go to the Vueling help desk and ask them to cancel your flight. Make sure that you answer all of their questions properly so that they can quicken the Vueling flight cancelation process for you. 

What is Vueling Airlines cancellation policy?

When you cancel your flight ticket at Vueling Airlines, it becomes important for you to check the rules and regulations associated with canceling your flight ticket, widely popular as the Vueling cancellation policy. The highlights of the same are as written below: 

  • Vueling flight cancellations can be made through the official website, by calling or visiting the airport. 

  • When you cancel your flight within the first 24 hours of booking your flight, then you will not be asked to pay the cancellation charges. 

  • However, when you cancel the flight 24 hours after booking your flight ticket, you are to pay the cancellation charges. 

  • Vueling cancellation charges for the flight ticket fluctuate and vary in manner, as it depends on various factors like fare type, route, travel destination, class/cabin, and other factors. 

  • If Vueling cancels your flight ticket, it is their responsibility to either accommodate you on their next flight or not penalize you for the flight cancellation. 

  • When you cancel the flight for a genuine reason, like an accident, injury, medical emergency, or loss of someone close to the passengers, you can talk to the assistant to get accommodated on the next flight or for anything possible situation. 

  • If any of the passengers have their flight booked through a travel agency or a travel agent, then it is their responsibility to solve the problems of the passengers. The airline won't be responsible for assisting these passengers. 

Does Vueling have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

The airline has a Vueling 24-hour cancellation policy, saying that when you cancel the flight within the first 24 hours of booking your flight, you will not have to pay the cancellation charges for your flight. 

Can I cancel a Vueling flight within 24 hours? 

Yes, as per the Vueling cancellation policy 24 hours, you have the right to cancel your flight in the first 24 hours of booking. The benefit of this policy is that there are no cancelation charges for canceling a flight within a day of booking your flight ticket. 

How much does it cost to cancel a Vueling Airlines flight?

When you are wondering about the Vueling cancellation fees, you should know that there are no fixed charges. It depends on various factors like your fare type, route, travel destination, and class/cabin, but the general charges for flight cancellation are USD 50 - USD 70.