How do I reschedule my Aeromexico flight?

How do I reschedule my Aeromexico flight?

When you book a flight to visit your desired destination, but after making the bookings, if you see the weather is against traveling, you will get the option to modify the bookings and reschedule the flight. Every airline gives the facility of rescheduling, and Aeromexico is one of them. While booking with Aeromexico Airlines, you will get several facilities like a refund after cancelation, miles, complete packages, etc. If you want to reschedule the Aeromexico flight, you can also do it, and if you do not have the information about the Aeromexico change flight, you need to read below. 

Steps to change Aeromexico flight online:

You will get an option of Aeromexico change flight online as it is always the finest mode as you can do it without taking the help of any representative. To change the Aeromexico flight online, you have to follow the below points. 

  • Open the website of Aeromexico airlines 

  • Click on the manage bookings page 

  • Fill out the last name and bookings reference number.

  • Next, choose the booking you want to change. 

  • Click on the change flight tab and choose the new flight from the calendar.

  • Save the changes and pay using your card if you see any payments.

  • Last you will get a mail of successfully changing the flight on the given email id. 

Other ways to change Aeromexico flights:

If you are getting issues while following the online procedure, you can also take the representative's help to change the flight. To know further information about this, you need to read below. 

Call Aeromexico to change flight: 

To change the flight on call, you have to dial Aeromexico change flight phone number to 1 (800) 237-6639 and then choose the language you are comfortable communicating with. After this, you need to follow the below mention IVR.

  • Dial 1 for the new bookings 

  • Dial 2 to change the flight 

  • Dial 3 if your query is related to policies 

  • Dial 4 for the issues in getting a refund 

  • Dial 5 to connect with Aeromexico representatives 

Select the option which suits your query and then connect with the Aeromexico representatives. 

Change Aeromexico flight on the airport: 

You can also visit the nearest airport at which the representatives of Aeromexico are available. After reaching the airport, you need to go to the counter of Aeromexico and then give your booking information. They will help you reschedule the flight, allot a new ticket with a new travel date, and cancel the previous ticket. 

What is Aeromexico flight change policy?

Having the Aeromexico flight change policy information is essential as it will guide you to change the flight without paying charges or do the changes free of cost. The change in flight policies of Aeromexico is mentioned below. 

  • If you modify the flight within 24 hours of booking, no charges are available, but after passing the 24 hours free window, you have to pay the rescheduling charges. These will depend upon the time left in the departure and the new selected flight. 

  • If the flight is delayed, you can change the flight without paying any charges, but only if the delay occurs due to issues of Aeromexico, like fewer staff, technical glitches, etc. If the delay happens due to any genuine issue, you need to pay the cost to change the flight.

  • You can change the flight only if there are any seats available on the flight; if there is no seat available, then you can't change the flight.

  • If you are changing the flight due to any medical issue, you need to show the relevant documents and change the flight without paying charges. 

  • If you make the bookings from the official Aeromexico Airlines representative, then you need to connect with them to change the flight. 

  • If you buy insurance while purchasing the tickets, you can change the flight without paying any cost, but you must mention the insurance number. 

  • While buying the tickets, if you use miles deals or offers, you need to pay the cost to change the flight. 

Does Aeromexico charge to change flights?

Yes, Aeromexico charges the cost if you change the flight after 24 hours or if the flight change reason is other than medical issues or a delayed flight. You must pay the charges to reschedule the flight in all the other cases. 

How much does it cost to change a flight on Aeromexico?

The cost you need to pay to change the flight will depend upon your flight type; if you are making bookings to go to any international destination, then you need to pay 200USD to 300USD as the  Aeromexico change flight fees. If you make the bookings to go to any domestic destination, you have to pay the cost between 180USD to 220USD.