How do I speak to someone at Jetstar Airways?

How do I speak to someone at Jetstar Airways? 

Jetstar Airways is a low-cost airline which is located in Melbourne. For this, several travelers want to travel with this airline, and most of them travel with it. And you are also one of them. But sometimes, you look for complete information regarding their services while boarding the flight. Therefore, you are finding ways to get through Jetstar customer service because you don’t know how to get this. 

So, you can quickly get detailed information by calling the Jetstar customer service person. And, if you don’t know how to call them on Jetstar official number, here are some steps by which you can quickly call them. For that, you must follow the below-given steps.

Steps to speak to Jetstar Airlines representative:

  • Open the Jetstar Airways website.

  • Scroll the page and find the “contact us” tab

  • Click on the “contact us” tab.

  • There you will get various problems.

  • Tap on any problem, and you will get the Jetstar phone number 1 (866) 397-8170.

  • Call on 1 (866) 397-8170 and wait to transfer the call to the Jetstar live person.

  • After transferring, you can readily talk with them and solves all kind of issues quickly.

Thus, by this, you can quickly get in touch with a Jetstar Airways agent and get the complete information that you want to know.

Different ways to get through Jetstar Airlines:

Moreover, Jetstar Airways have another way by which you can easily get through the Jetstar live person. So, if the call can’t connect with the live person, here are several ways you can quickly talk with the Jetstar person. Go through the following methods described below. 

Jetstar Airways live chat:

To speak with the Jetstar agent through live chat, here are the steps to talk with Jetstar live chat person. 

Steps to talk to a live person at Jetstar Airways:

  • Open the Jetstar Airways website.

  • Find the “contact us” tab by scrolling the homepage. 

  • Tap on that option and find the live chat option.

  • Click on the “start” button, and the live chat box will open on your screen.

  • Look for a reliable problem and tap on it.

  • Jetstar live person can send reliable answers to your query.

  • Thus, in this way, you can quickly solve all issues by talking with a Jetstar representative.

Jetstar Airways Email: 

You can also use this official method to connect with the Jetstar executive though it is a bit time taking. Follow the procedure to send a mail to the Jetstar Airways executive.

Steps to send a mail to Jetstar Airways executive:

  • Visit the Jetstar Airways website.

  • Go to the Jetstar “contact us”. 

  • Find the Jetstar contact email method and tap on that option. 

  • Further, you will redirect to the mailbox. 

  • Mention your problem and request to get assistance from the Jetstar executive. 

  • And send the mail to Jetstar's official email 

  • After getting the mail, the Jetstar executive will contact you and resolves all difficulties by calling you.

Jetstar Airlines regional emails:

Australia (group reservations):
China (group reservations):
Hong Kong and Taiwan (group reservations):
Japan (group reservations):
New Zealand (group reservations):

Jetstar Social Media:

You can also connect to the Jetstar representative through the social media channels whose links are provided here.

  • Instagram- 

  • Facebook- 

  • Twitter-

  • YouTube- 

Tap on any site. And move to the message box there; you have to share your difficulty and send it to the airline personnel. Further, the airline person can readily solve all kinds of issues quickly. 

Is Jetstar customer service 24 hours?

Jetstar Airways have the 24 hours customer service to give superior services or results to their travelers through their phone call service or Jetstar live chat service. So, if you are looking for any time (day or night), without any hesitation, talk with them and solve all issues kindly and get superior services from Jetstar Airlines live agent.

Jetstar phone numbers

131 538 (For Australia)
613 9645 5999 (from overseas)
1300 792 688 / 0800 401 283 (For Group reservations)
1300 722 327 (Jetstar Hotels)
1300 360 520 (Jetstar Holidays)
1800 257 504 (Jetstar Insurance)
133 677 / 1300 555 727 ( Disability service)

Jetstar Airlines phone number by country:

Australia: 131 538
Cambodia: +613 9645 5999
Phnom Penh: +855 92 398 333 
Siem Reap (Angkor Wat): +855 92392333
China: +613 9645 5999
Mainland China: 4001 201 260
Hong Kong SAR : +852 3192 7451
Taiwan: +00801 852 015
Fiji: 008 002 171 / +613 9645 5999
Indonesia: +613 9645 5999
Japan: 0570 550 538 / 050 3163 8538
Malaysia: 1800 813 090
Myanmar: +95 9 42111 6662 / +95 9 42111 6663
New Zealand: +64 9975 9426 / 0800 800 995
Philippenes : 1800 1611 0280 / +632 5 322 7699 (press 2)
Singapore: +65 6499 9702
Thailand: 66 2267 5125 / 001 800 611 2957 / +613 9645 5999
USA: 1866 397 8170 / +613 9645 5999
Vietnam: 121010020 / 12280015 / 120852212
Other Countries and Regions: +613 9645 5999

Jetstar Airways call center waiting time:

The waiting time for Jetstar Airways call center is between 5 and 25 minutes depending on when we were calling. To decrease the waiting time on a call try to call during the week like Tuesday to Thursday or early in the morning. The best time to call Jetstar Airlines is when the call center opens i.e., 6 am for the Australian center.

What is the Jetstar mailing address?

There are 3 countries where you can mail them. So, the Jetstar mailing address is:

At Austalia- PO Box 4713, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia
In Singapore- Singapore Changi Airport T1, PO Box 323, Singapore 918144
At Japan- Narita International Airport Terminal 3, Narita, Chiba, 282-0006, Japan

Where is the Jetstar head office situated?

Jetstar Airlines head office is situated in Melbourne, Australia.

How do I talk to a person at Jetstar?

Jetstar has a flexible changing policy for existing reservations; if you have booked with Jetstar Airways and want to update new changes such as a change in destination or name correction. Passengers can talk to the person at Jetstar through contact form, following mentioned steps:

  • Visit Jetstar official website, which is

  • Click on the contact us option mentioned on the portal's homepage.

  • You will see various things like new bookings, Delayed, canceled, or rescheduled flights, change or cancel a booking, payment problems, and complaints. 

  • Select the Query vertical from the available options and proceed to resolve it.

  • The support team will guide you toward the complaint within 24 hours through email.

Does Jetstar have a contact number?

Yes, Jetstar has a customer service number to resolve passengers' problems related to airline services. You can contact their executive via Jetstar Airways phone number regarding any situation or issues. Dial Jetstar Toll-Free number 1866-397-8170 to speak with the live person at Jetstar, customer service working hours 7 days a week from 6 am to 10 pm.

How do I contact Jetstar by phone? 

Passengers can contact Jetstar customer service through Live Chat to get instant responses regarding the problem related to Airline Service. To get connected through Live Chat, follow these steps:

  • Kindly visit the official website of Jetstar.

  • Please scroll down the page and click on contact us, which is available on the official website.

  • Click on Live Chat which is mentioned on the extreme right of the portal.

  • Share the Query with details, and a virtual assistant will guide you.

How do I contact Jetstar USA?

Moreover, to contact you, you have to call on the Jetstar contact number USA. What is the number, and how will you get assistance if you don't know? So, you can call them,

For free of cost- +1 866 397 8170 from Monday to Sunday
For paying some fee- +613 9645 5999 from Monday to Sunday

How do I contact Jetstar NZ?

Moreover, to contact you, you have to call on the Jetstar contact number NZ if you don’t know the number and how you will get assistance. So, you can call them, 

For free of cost- 0800 800 995  from Monday to Sunday.
For paying some cost- +64 9975 9426  from Monday to Sunday

How do I contact Jetstar Hawaii?

You can contact Jetstar Hawaii by calling on 1866 397 8170.

Who can I complain to about Jetstar?

Customers who want to file a formal complaint about Jetstar services can connect with them through a Jetstar Airways complaint form on the website. Select Contact us, click on complaint or compliment, and proceed to complete the details.

How do I contact Jetstar re voucher?

You can contact them through their phone number, email, or Live Chat for any concerns.

Jetstar Airways customer service works 24 hours a day to resolve passengers' issues.

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