How to talk to a human at Wizz Air?

How do I speak to a live person at Wizz Air?

Suppose you are planning your trip and looking forward to book a ticket with Wizz Air as it provides a variety of flexible services. In that case, easy booking and cancellation policy, extra-luggage policy, parking facilities, and lounge facilities are missing in some of the other airlines. If you are looking forward to getting Wizz Air customer service, and you become aware of all the policies of Wizz Air, then below are the multiple ways by which you can speak to a live person at Wizz Air and all your doubts and queries will be resolved.

Different ways to get in touch with Wizz Air customer service agent:

There are different ways by which a passenger can get in touch with the live agent of Wizz Air. To check out the details about each of the ways. Go through the information mentioned below:

Wizz Air customer service phone number:

The easiest and most convenient way to talk to a live agent on Wizz Air is by dialing the Wizz Air phone number 02 235 1351 in UAE (Local rate applies per minute.

How to speak to a Wizz Air representative?

In case you are planning a trip with Wizz Air for the first time, or you are a frequent flier, you may have plenty of questions, for example, how early should we get to the airport, or what is the refund policy, what is the procedure to change flight, is there any special assistance to differently abled, and many other questions.

Steps to speak to someone at Wizz Air:

You can always connect to the real person at Wizz Air to have your query resolved. And you can connect to Wizz air free contact number, and you will listen to certain IVR options that you have to choose from on the basis of your requirements:

  • Press 1 and choose your language.

  • Press 2 to change your flight.

  • Press 3 to book your reservation.

  • Press 4 to cancel your reservation.

  • Press 5 for other options.

Choose any option from the above menu as per your query and then follow the instruction on call.

Wizz Air Live chat:

Many passengers are unable to contact Wizz Air live representatives via call, so they can also get them via the Wizz Air live chat option. To get chat support from Wizz Air, you are required to follow certain steps that are mentioned below. Have a look:

Steps to get a live person at Wizz Air via chat:

  • Visit the official website of Wizz Air to begin the process.

  • Then tap on the “contact us” section.

  • Once you tap on it, you must go below the page and find the option of the “Chat With Us” icon on the screen on your right side. (Amelia Chatbot).

  • Once you tap on it, you can raise any of your queries related to the different services of Wizz Air.

Wizz Air Social Media:

Wizz Air has also updated itself with the technology and has understood the basic requirement of passengers or customers and what they look for more on Social Media, which is not only entertainment sources but also information sources. So, if you want, you can also use this method to get a real person on Wizz Air social media channels that are listed below, and you will be provided with instant support:

  • Facebook -  

  • Twitter - 

  • Instagram - 

  • Linkedin -

Wizz Air Email:

It is highly recommended that if you want to keep any information about different services of Wizz air, for example, lounge facilities, offers, pet policy, special assistance, etc., there is also another way to send your queries to Wizz Air customer service email that is mentioned below, and you may get a reply a bit late than the usual time. (you can send any query to the customer executive of Wizz Air, and you will be receiving back a reply in the form of resolutions, and you can keep it for future use also.

Wizz Air Headquarters:

Wizz Air headquarter is situated in Budapest, Hungary.

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