How do I upgrade on Qantas Airways?

How do I upgrade on Qantas Airways? 

Qantas Airways provides several ways using which you can upgrade your bookings. 

Upgrade Qantas Airways flight on Official site or Mobile App:- 

You can upgrade your bookings through Qantas mobile application on your device or through the Qantas website at It is a convenient way for customers as they can avail this means being anywhere. All you need to get is an internet connection. Follow the steps to know to upgrade:

Steps to upgrade Qantas Airways flight online:

  • Firstly install the Qantas Airways App or reach the site

  • Now log in to your account.

  • Here you will see the 'Manage Bookings' option; click on it.

  • Fill in your details, such as flight number, your first name, last name, and your booking reference.

  • And hit the manage bookings red button.

  • Here your booked flight details will appear.

  • You can go through the details again.

  • And make your Qantas seat upgrade as your wish.

  • check out by paying the amount.

Upgrade Qantas Airways flight via phone call:

You can also connect with the Qantas customer service at 1 (800) 227-4500. You can directly speak to the Qantas live person to upgrade your class. After you dial the number, you may have to follow the IVR commands to get to your reservations. Here is the clue:

IVR options to upgrade Qantas Airways flight on call:

  • Press 1 for new bookings

  • Press 3 to upgrade on Qantas

  • Press # to connect to the Qantas Airways agent

Ask him to upgrade your flight reservation by providing the details. 

What is Qantas Airways upgrade policy?

You can transform your next travel experience with an upgrade to the premium cabins; for it, you must know the Qantas upgrade policy:--

  • All passengers can request an upgrade with Qantas Classic Upgrade Rewards, Bid Now Upgrades, or Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards.

  • If you are having Qantas Points, then you are eligible to make an upgrade request to either of the three.

  • If you want to upgrade with cash or a mix of cash and Qantas Points then you can only upgrade with Bid Now Upgrades.

  • If you are among Qantas Frequent Flyers, then you will be prioritized for the Classic Upgrades Reward.

  • You can request Classic Upgrades from the time of booking

  • Bid Now Upgrades may or may not be eligible from the time of bookings.

  • Domestic On Departure Upgrade Rewards can be requested three hours prior to the flight departure.

  • If any upgrade confirms instantly, then it will only be the case of domestic upgrade on departure.

How much does it cost to upgrade on Qantas? 

Well, the cost of an upgrade depends on the price of your upgraded class; otherwise, in general, the Qantas upgrade cost ranges from US$ 400 to 1000.

How do I get a free upgrade on Qantas? 

Qantas Airways free upgrades are provided as a reward to its customers. You can get a free upgrade on Qantas if you fill certain criteria. The Airways suggests a certain number of points which will get you free upgrades.

How do I upgrade to business class on Qantas? 

If you want to upgrade your seat to business class, then:- 

  • You will have to reach the official site of Qantas 

  • Here you need to go to the upgrades. 

  • Now you can choose Qantas upgrade to business.

  • Fill in all the details asked as your ticket number etc. 

  • Check if you are eligible, if eligible, then your booking will upgrade 

  • Checkout by paying the price flashes on the screen

  • You will get a confirmation SMS or e-mail.  

How do I upgrade to business class for free on Qantas? 

If you upgrade within a risk-free period that is, as per the 24-hour bookings change the policy of Qantas, then you may upgrade to business class for free. Or if you fill the eligibility criteria of the respected upgrade, you can also upgrade to business class for free. Or, if you have won a reward, you will get an upgrade for free.

Can I bid for an upgrade with Qantas?

Yes, you can just by going to their official site or through a mobile application and fill out the Qantas bid upgrade forum requirements.

Can I upgrade a family member on Qantas? 

Yes, you can go for Qantas upgrade a family member of yours but remember the bookings should be in your family member's name. The family member's signatures and documents must be authentic.

How do I upgrade to business class using Qantas Frequent Flyer points? 

If you use Qantas frequent Flyer points, you will automatically be a priority for Classic upgrades. Otherwise, you can contact Qantas about your points, and they will reward you with upgrade.

How many Qantas Points to upgrade international flights?

You will be required to possess at least 600 points to upgrade your Qantas international upgrade, and the maximum number of points you can have is 15000.