Singapore Airlines Pet Policy & Charges

What is Singapore Airlines pet policy?

Singapore Airlines welcomes pets on their flight, so if you are also carrying your Pet on a Singapore Airlines flight, then you must ensure smooth traveling and trip with your four-legged passengers. You must refer to this Singapore Airlines pet policy and make note of it to make your traveling with pets very smooth.

  • Singapore Airlines doesn't carry pregnant pets on their aircraft.
  • According to Singapore Airlines, the airline is not able to accept pets on Boeing 737-operated flights since there is no control over the temperature of the cargo hold.
  • People who are not sure about on which aircraft they will travel, go to the flight scheduled page.
  • Passengers need to provide some information to the Singapore Airlines ticket office regarding their Pet, like breed, gender, name, age, weight of Pet, weight of the container, the color of the Pet, and container dimensions.
  • If your Pet is traveling internationally, then you must provide some documents like an export license, a rabies vaccination letter, a veterinary help certificate, a passport of the Pet, and a transshipment license.

Does Singapore Airlines allow pets in the cabin?

According to the Singapore Airline, passengers can travel in the same aircraft as checked baggage in the cabin, but the Pet must be at least three months old. Singapore Airlines mostly accommodates dog and cat breeds. Some restrictions will apply on carrying the Pet which depends on the flight departure, destination location, or transit country.

What is the cost to carry Pet with Singapore Airlines?

Passengers who are carrying their Pet on their trip in the pet container will also need to pay the Singapore Airlines pet charge as the pet container will be carrying as the additional baggage allowance on board with this airline. In addition to this information, Singapore Airlines does not offer pre-paid and discount rates for the pet carriage. Read the given information:

  • As per the piece concept, the Pet and its container will be considered as two additional pieces of baggage, so they will be charged separately.
  • For all other flights except flights to and from the USA, the cost of carrying the Pet will be charged separately depending on the total weight of the Pet and the pet container.
  • In case the passenger's Pet is being transhipped or transiting on Singapore Airlines, then some additional fees will be charged on the pet travel.

Preparation to carry Pet on Singapore Airlines:

You can use this information for smooth and comfortable traveling with Singapore Airlines pet seats during the whole journey.

  • We recommended putting a familiar blanket with absorbent material on the container floor.
  • Passenger should walk their Pets before moving to the airport.
  • You are advised to place your Pet within the container and keep it for 2 hours before few weeks before the flight departure time.
  • You should provide a light meal with some bit of water around 2 hours earlier from placing it in the container on the day of flight departure.
  • You are suggested to remove the Pet's leash before placing it in a container at the time of flight boarding.