What is Swiss Air baggage policy?

What is Swiss Air baggage policy? 

If you are going to travel with Swiss Air, you might need to check the baggage policy to avoid additional charges at the time of check-in. Swiss Airlines baggage allowance varies depending on the flight’s class and is categorized into different groups. Swiss Air baggage policies are: 

Swiss Air Carry-on Baggage Allowance:

Passengers can carry small hand bangs or carry-on bags as personal items. It should fit under the seat or on the overhead bin. It will be counted as checked baggage if it exceeds the weight or measurements according to the policy. The weight and measurements for carry-on baggage are:

  • The SWISS Economy Light baggage allowance is only 1 bag up to 8kg. Dimension should not be more than 55*40*23cm.

  • For SWISS Premium Economy, the baggage allowance is the same as Economy light. 1 bag, 8kg, 55*40*23cm.

  • For SWISS Business, 2 bags are allowed, 8 kg each. And the dimensions are 55*40*23cm.

The Swiss hand baggage allowance is the same as the above carry-on allowance. Check the weight and volume of your hand baggage before traveling with SWISS Air.

Swiss Air Checked Baggage Allowance:

According to the SWISS Air baggage allowance 2022, the limits for checked baggage for European routes are as follows:

  • For Light fare, no checked baggage is allowed.

  • For Classic & Flex, 1 bag of weight up to 23kg.

  • For Business class travelers, a maximum of 2 bags are allowed with a total weight of 64 kg.

  • If you are a frequent flyer of SWISS Air, you can take additional baggage.

  • If the volume of the checked baggage exceeds 158 cm in size, it will be considered excess baggage.

How many bags does Swiss Airlines allow?

SWISS Airlines allow baggage depending upon their policy and on your flight class. You can check online how many bags are allowed to you for free with the SWISS Airlines baggage calculator. You will find the details on how much free baggage is allotted to you and the cost of the additional baggage you choose to carry.

What is the baggage allowance on Swiss Air?

For passengers taking intercontinental flights, read the  Swiss Air baggage allowance International and check the baggage limits.

  • For the Swiss Economy, 1 bag is allowed, not exceeding 23 kg.

  • For SWISS Premium Economy, 2 bags of 23 kg each are allowed.

  • To Business class passengers, 2 bags of 32 kg each are allowed.

  • First Class passengers can take a maximum of 3 bags as checked baggage with a total weight of 96 kg

How strict is Swiss Air carry-on? 

Swiss Air is very strict with its policies on baggage allowance. The Carry on should fit in the allotted space under the seat or under the headbin. If not, it will go with the checked baggage, and SWISS Air will charge accordingly.

Does SWISS Airlines check carry-on weight?

Yes, SWISS Airlines checks the carry-on weight to ensure that the carry-on baggage is not overweight for the allotted space. The weight is checked at the airport during check-in. If it exceeds the limit then it go with the checked baggage.

Can I take 2 bags as checked luggage? 

If you are traveling in a Business Class with SWISS Air, 2 bags are allowed as checked baggage. If not, you need to pay for the extra luggage, as only 1 checked luggage is allowed.

Can I bring a backpack and a carry-on Swiss? 

No, only 1 item is considered a carry-on item on SWISS Air. First-class passengers can carry a small backpack and a thin laptop bag on SWISS. 

How much is Swiss Air baggage fee? 

If you are carrying bags more than the allotted luggage at SWISS Air, the baggage fee charge for oversize or overweight bags is between 40 USD to 200 USD. You can check the details on SWISS air’s website. 

Does Swiss air charge for bags? 

If your baggage is within the baggage policies of SWISS Airlines, then they do not charge for bags. The baggage is allowed within the purchase of a flight ticket. But if you add extra baggage, then you need to pay the SWISS extra baggage price. You can add extra baggage at the airport while checking in.

How do I add extra baggage to Swiss air?

If you are required to carry bags more than the SWISS Baggage allowance, and you wish to Buy extra baggage SWISS Air for mess-free travel at the airport, then Go to the Manage my booking option on the SWISS Air website, add the extra baggage option, pay the charges.

Is Swiss airlines strict with checked baggage?

Yes, SWISS Air is very particular about checked baggage. Additional charges will be applied if your checked baggage exceeds the limits. You need to Buy extra baggage SWISS Air in order to carry any additional checked baggage. You can add extra checked baggage at the airport as well.