How to upgrade on a Vueling Airlines plane?

How to upgrade on a Vueling Airlines plane? 

A person holding a reservation with Vueling Airlines may choose to upgrade their seat before check-in for their flight. The Vueling Airlines upgrade option helps passengers to choose a more comfortable seat on the plane for extra comfort. You can upgrade your seat at Vueling to get extra legroom, spacious seats, a personal cabin, or many more as you demand. The seat upgradation can be done online from the Manage Booking option by paying the applicable charges.  

Steps to upgrade on Vueling flight online: 

  • First, open the Vueling Airlines webpage,
  • Next, you have to pick the Manage Booking tab,
  • Enter the booking code and the email address,
  • Then tap the "Go" option to view your itinerary,
  • Select the ticket and look for the Upgrade button,
  • Now pick the suitable upgrade option for your booking,
  • View the availability and choose the seat as per your liking,
  • Next, make the payment for the upgrade,
  • Now your Vueling flight update will be completed, and you'll receive the email. 

As per these steps, you will be able to get seat upgrades as per your choice. In case you cannot manage to upgrade the seat online, there are also other methods available that you can consider for getting the seat in the upgraded class you like. 

What are the other methods for upgrading a Vueling Airlines flight?

The other methods that are available that are helpful for upgrading the Vueling Airlines flight ticket are listed below. You can determine the method as you like. 

Contact Vueling customer service:

You can make a call to the Vueling customer service number to request the Vueling upgrade flight. You need to follow these points for the same:

  • Make a call to Vueling phone number 011 34 931 51 81 58.
  • Within a few minutes, a person will assign to the call,
  • Then ask for the availability for seat upgradation by sharing the flight number,
  • If available, the person will ask you for some details,
  • Then you can choose the class you like and complete the upgrade process.
  • Make a payment of the applicable upgrade charges,
  • And then, you will get a confirmation email from Vueling Airlines for the upgrade. 

Vueling Airlines Help Desk at the Airport:

A passenger asks for the upgrade at the airport before completing the check-in. Share your flight ticket and ask for the upgrade to your preferred class. The person at the help desk will look for availability and share it with you. If available, you can proceed with the upgrade. After completion, pay the required charges, and the seat will upgrade successfully on your Vueling Airlines. 

How does the Vueling seat upgrade work? 

A person can shift their seat to another class by the Vueling upgrade seat option. They need to choose the required class on the flight by paying the additional charges, and after that, an available seat will be assigned to the required class. With the seat upgrade, you can enjoy more comfort. 

What is Vueling Airlines seat upgrade policy? 

Before requesting an upgrade of your existing booking, you must consider going through with the Vueling upgrade policy once to learn about the condition. Here the Vueling upgrade policies are mentioned:

  • The upgrade request is allowed till 40 minutes before the departure of your booked flight. 
  • If you make the upgrade request within 24 hours of booking, then you don't need to pay the upgrade charges. 
  • The seat upgrade only depends upon the availability and your fare eligibility at Vueling Airlines.
  • The miles, credit points, and vouchers can be redeemed for the upgrade of your seat at Vueling. 
  • Upgrading your seat can be done till you receive your boarding pass.
  • In case the flight ticket was purchased from a third-party, then for the seat upgrade, the same party should be contacted. 
  • Some fares at Vueling are not eligible for the upgrade after the booking, so you might need to cancel and then rebook as per your preference. 

How much does it cost to upgrade to Vueling Airlines?

The Vueling upgrade cost depends on the fare class. Here is the list of the charges for the different fares available:

  • Economy to Business Class: 100 USD to 200 USD
  • Business to Premium Class: 200 USD to 350 USD