How do I cancel a Virgin Atlantic flight?

How do I cancel my Virgin Atlantic flight?

If you are required to cancel your Virgin Atlantic flight ticket, cancel before boarding the flight. Virgin Atlantic provides two ways to cancel flight tickets. Both ways, with specific steps, are listed below for you to go through and cancel the flight tickets whenever you want.

The process to cancel Virgin Atlantic flight online:

You can cancel your Virgin Atlantic flight using the online method. Virgin Atlantic allows customers to cancel flight tickets directly from their website with the help of booking confirmation numbers. Changes can be made with the right ticket details, or cancellation requests can be sent depending on the flyers' needs. 

Steps to cancel Virgin Atlantic flight online:

Below is the Virgin Atlantic online flight cancellation process. To cancel the Virgin Atlantic flight tickets, follow the given steps:

  • Log in with your registered account on the official website of Virgin Atlantic,

  • Go to the "My Bookings" option,

  • Search your trip by entering the booking confirmation number,

  • Then select the ticket you no longer need,

  • Select the "Cancel My Flight" option,

  • Pay the Virgin Atlantic cancellation changes (Based on the Cancellation Policy),

  • Confirm to cancel the flight ticket.

The process to cancel a Virgin Atlantic flight on call:

You can cancel your flight by calling the Virgin Atlantic cancellation phone number. By this, you will connect to a live person at Virgin Atlantic. From whom you can request your cancellation of the ticket. Follow the steps to request Virgin Atlantic flight cancellation from the official website:

Steps to cancel Virgin Atlantic flight via phone:

  • Dial Virgin Atlantic phone number: 1 800 862 8621,

  • Speak with Virgin Atlantic Officials,

  • Specify the reason behind the cancellation,

  • State the booking confirmation of the flight ticket you want to cancel,

  • Pay the Virgin Atlantic cancellation charges if applicable,

  • Virgin Atlantic live person will send you an email to successfully cancel the flight ticket.

Can I cancel my Virgin Atlantic booking? 

Yes, you can Virgin Atlantic cancel flight bookings. Still, you should cancel the tickets prior to departure of the booked flight and make sure that your ticket is within the cancellation policy of Virgin Atlantic. Passengers also need to pay the Virgin Atlantic cancellation fees whether booking online or offline. Airlines require an administration fee to process the cancellation request. 

What is Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy?

If you need to go through with the Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy, then below are the policies mentioned for you:

  • Flight tickets should be canceled before the boarding time.

  • Flight tickets should be flexible to get a refund on the cancellation of the ticket.

  • The cancellation can be made without a fee within 24 hours of purchasing a Virgin Atlantic flight ticket.

  • Refundable tickets can be partially used, and passengers can receive the remaining refund for unused parts of the ticket.

  • Cancellation charges will apply to all types of canceled flight tickets after 24 hours of purchase.

  • Direct cancellation of a flight ticket from a website or customer service only can be made if the passenger had purchased the ticket directly from Virgin Atlantic.

  • Purchase of flight tickets from a third party can be canceled by contacting the same party.

  • Suppose you have booked a flight ticket during covid. In that case, the Virgin Atlantic cancellation policy covid is flexible, and you can cancel the ticket within the mentioned time for free.

  • A flight ticket can be canceled for medical reasons without any charges if documents are attached for verification.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight on Virgin Atlantic?

If you are canceling the Virgin Atlantic flight tickets under the 24 hours time frame of purchasing the tickets, then Virgin Atlantic cancellation fees will not be applicable. But in other cases, the cost will be under 30 USD to 50 USD. It depends on the flight type and timings of the flight ticket cancellation. Canceling Virgin Atlantic flight tickets from a third party can cost you more as the third-party agents add their service charges to the original cancellation cost.

Is Virgin Atlantic giving refunds for Cancelled flights?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic is giving refunds to eligible passengers. If the cancellation has been made under the cancellation policy of Virgin Atlantic and you have submitted a request for the refund on time, then you will receive the refund amount on time. The refund policy is mentioned below:

  • Virgin Atlantic will give a full refund on the flight ticket cancellation within 24 hours of reservation.

  • Taxes and administration charges will be deducted from the refund if you cancel the flight ticket after 24 hours of reservation.

  • Only refundable tickets are eligible for the refund on the same platform they made the reservation.

  • Virgin Atlantic gives refunds for canceling non-refundable tickets in terms of travel vouchers or credit points. It can be used in the future for the purchase of tickets.

  • Refunds for purchasing tickets through online payment platforms took seven working days to credit to the account.

  • Refunds of the flight ticket made by cash or cheque will be transferred to your account within 20 working days.

  • A full refund can be requested if the cancellation has been made due to the savior medical condition of the passenger or a close relative.