How to contact Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport?

How to contact Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport?

Suppose you booked a flight and are given the information you have to board your flight from Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. Then you want to know more about the terminal, location, and parking facilities, require special assistance or have baggage lost related inquiries. etc., and want to utilize other services. 

If you are looking forward to getting ways to get in touch with them or the Detroit Airport customer service number; then below is a detailed discussion about the same:

Different ways to talk to someone at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport:

There are different ways through which you can contact the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport customer service assistance at the airport. You can contact them at the airport, through the DTW Airport customer service number  (734) 247-7678, or by Fax/Email.

Detroit Metro Airport customer service phone number:

Suppose you want to inquire about the services, for example, parking facilities, food and drinks, special assistance at the airport, how early they must be at the airport, etc. In that case, you can reach out to the Detroit Metro Airport customer service phone number (734) 247-7678, and you will be provided customer assistance so all your doubts, requests to get any special assistance, etc., will be resolved or fulfilled. 

Steps to talk to someone at Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) on call:

  • Dial the Detroit Metro Airport phone number (803) 850-5252 / (734) 247-7678.

  • Listen to the IVR options on the call.

  • Press 0 to pick your language. 

  • Press 2 to request special assistance. 

  • Press 3 for baggage-related inquiries. 

  • Press 4 other options. 

  • Press * to speak to the DTW customer executive.

  • Choose the option for your query.

  • Wait for some time & you get connected on call.

Important contact numbers at DTW Airport:

Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW): (734) 247-7678
Fire Department: (734) 942-3601
Fraud, Ethics & Compliance Hotline: (888) 447-8643 
Lost & Found: (734) 942-3669
Lost & Found TSA: (734) 942-3126
Media Line: (734) 247-7379
Noise Hotline: (734) 942-3222
Parking Information & Assistance: (800) 642-1978
Police Non-Emergency: (734) 942-2222, Option #2
Paging – Evans Terminal: (734) 247-1000
Wi-Fi Support: (800) 826-4646

Contact DTW Airport through the feedback form:

You can also reach out to the DTW Airport by filling out the online form, where a customer executive is assigned to offer resolutions. You are advised to follow the steps to get Detroit Airport customer service mentioned below:

Steps to fill the DTW Airport feedback from:

  • Visit the official website of Wayne County Airport. (

  • Tap on the Contact Us option on the homepage. 

  • Once you are there, below you will find the online form.

  • Fill in all the details and submit the form. 

  • An executive will provide you with resolutions. 

DTW Accessibility email:

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Social Media:

You can follow the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport on social media to be updated about the changes & news regarding them.

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter:

  • Instagram:

How to contact Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) lost & found?

Suppose you arrived at Wayne County Airport, and your baggage is lost, and now you are unaware of where you have to file your complaint and how you will find resolutions or a piece of lost luggage at the airport. Read out these ways that will help you when you lost your baggage and where you must contact for this; have a look:

Near Security check-in points- 

Suppose you have lost your bag or found any baggage near security check-in; you are suggested to dial Detroit metro airport lost and found phone number (734) 942-3126, and you will be offered resolutions to all your issues. 

Airline's responsibility- 

If your baggage is lost in the gate area, your concerned airline is responsible for this, and you are suggested to dial your airline's phone number. 

Baggage Claim-  

Suppose baggage is lost at the airport, and you are looking here and there and looking forward to knowing the Detroit metro airport baggage claim phone number, which is 734 992-4946. A customer representative will be provided to you to provide you with resolutions. 

These methods can be adopted to get in touch with Wayne County Airport, and in case you have any further queries, for example, any parking-related queries, special assistance queries, food and drinks-related doubts, and any other doubts, you can visit the official website of the airport where you will find the separate numbers of each and every doubts, for example, parking number, baggage lost or found a number, etc., dial and get resolutions. 

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