How do I talk to someone at LAX?

How do I talk to someone at LAX?

Los Angeles International Airport is considered to be one of the busiest airports in the world. More than 1500 flights are operated on a daily basis. They provide a variety of services to their passengers. They take complaints or suggestions through a customer support service that is professional in its approach. You can use the LAX customer service phone number to raise your concerns. They will respond timely to your queries. Apart from the phone, you can also use live chat, email services, and social media platforms. 

There are some steps that you should follow to talk to someone at LAX via phone:

Steps to talk to someone at LAX:

  • Visit the LAX official website. (

  • Go to the very bottom of the website.

  • There you will find the Contact Us section.

  • You can contact LAX via comments and LAX Helpline: (855) 463-5252

  • Copy the LAX phone number.

  • Dia it by your phone.

  • Wait for some time to connect to the LAX customer service.

Once you get connected to the real person at LAX, ask them about your query and they will provide you with the solution regarding that.

Different ways to contact LAX customer service:

You can use many ways to contact the customer executive of LAX. You can connect on the phone, live chat and also use your social media platforms to raise your issues. You can follow the given instructions to contact LAX:

LAX customer service phone number:

The simplest way to contact LAX is by dialing the LAX phone number and connecting to the live person. The voice support will easily resolve your concern and provide you with the best solution. It will be easy for you to explain your problem on call. You can use the IVR system to talk to the representative of LAX.

IVR steps to contact LAX representative:

  • Dial LAX phone number +1-803-850-5252 / (855) 463-5252.

  • Choose a language. 

  • You will listen to the automated message.

  • Press 1 to know the “Flight Schedule.”

  • Press 2 to know “Flight Status.”

  • Press 3 to know “About Luggage.”

  • Press 4 to know “Existing Covid Norms.”

  • Press # to speak to a live person at LAX.

  • Choose the option for which you want to contact.

  • Then you will get connected to the LAX representative.

LAX customer service hours:

LAX Customer Service hours are very flexible. They work continuously 24 hours to resolve the issues of their customers

LAX Email:

Email services are used effectively by the passengers. You can email LAX at This is true that the response to the email takes a good amount of time but it is considered the most professional way to raise your issue or suggestions. Normally email takes around two weeks for a response.

Steps to contact LAX via Email:

  • Open the website of LAX airport.

  • Now go to “Contact Us.”

  • Here you will see the email address of the LAX airport i.e.,

  • You can directly use the given email to reach someone at LAX.

LAX chat support:

You can get to the customer executive of LAX through chat. The process of initiating a chat is very convenient. You can raise your queries or suggestions through live chat. The benefit of using live chat is that your issues will be addressed quickly. At the same time, you will get a written reply. The LAX live chat is assisted with the help of artificial intelligence. 

LAX complaint or feedback form:

You can also use the LAX complaint or feedback form to reach the customer executive. Most airlines have kept a feedback or complaint form on their website. The idea is to redress the grievances of the customers. You can raise your concern through this form to get a quick and efficient response.

Steps to use the LAX complaint or feedback form:

  • Go to the website of LAX.

  • Now select “Contact Us.”

  • Here you will find the “Complaint Form.”

  • You have to fill out this form and select the “Submit” tab.

  • You will get their response within one week.

LAX social media:

You can message or tag your issues with LAX on their social media account. You can visit the given links to follow LAX on its social media platforms:

  • Twitter:

  • Facebook:

  • Instagram:

LAX Address:

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States

LAX provides 24 hours customer service. You can also visit the airport to get in touch with the LAX agent present at the airport counter. You must go to the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight. Otherwise, you will not be given entry to the airport premises.

How do I talk to a real person at LAX?

There are different ways by which you can talk to the real person at LAX such as by phone, AskLAX or at the airport.

Use LAX Phone:

The best way to talk to a real person at LAX is by using their phone number. You can simply dial the LAX customer service number +1 (803) 850-5252 or (855) 463-5252 from your phone and talk to them regarding your concern.

Steps to talk to a real person at LAX by phone:

  • Go to the LAX website.

  • Scroll down to the bottom.

  • Click on the Contact Us option.

  • Or copy the LAX Helpline: (855) 463-5252.

  • Dial it on your phone.

Once the call gets connected, talk to the LAX representative about the problem that you are facing.

Use AskLAX:

You can use the chat option to connect to the executive of LAX. The chat is assisted with the help of artificial intelligence. You can follow the given instructions to initiate a live chat with the customer representative of LAX:

Steps to talk to a live person on AskLAX:

  • You need to go to the website of LAX.

  • Then go to “Contact Us".

  • There you have to select “AskLAX.”

  • Now you can initiate a chat based on the options provided

LAX official Address:

You can also talk to the real person at LAX at the airport address. There are many agents available there who will assist you.


1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States

How do I get a hold of someone at LAX?

Passengers can get a hold of someone at LAX through different ways that we have mentioned above. You can use any of them to contact LAX customer service. 

The simplest way to get hold of someone at LAX is by dialing the LAX customer service phone (855) 463-5252  and speaking to their live person.

How do I complain about LAX? 

Suppose you are facing a problem and have to make a complaint, and you don’t have any idea. You can use the LAX phone number or the complaint form to complain about the LAX. To use these options, you have to follow the steps. 

Complain LAX through phone number:

You can contact LAX and speak to the representative about your complaint. You should have the contact number of LAX i.e. (855) 463-5252. To get the LAX complaint number, you must follow the steps;

Steps to complain LAX via phone:

  • Open the official website of LAX. 

  • Tap on the contact option. 

  • Under the contact option, you must select the contact number according to the region and query. 

  • Dial LAX helpline number-(855) 463-5252. 

  • Hear out the IVR steps carefully. 

  • After that, you will get in touch with the team, and you can raise the complaint. 

Use the LAX complaint form:

You can also complain about LAX through the LAX complaint form that is available on the website. To use the LAX complaint form, follow the steps below:

Steps to complain LAX via complaint form:

  • Visit the official website of LAX. 

  • Tap on the form option. 

  • Under the form option, select the complaint form. 

  • Enter the required details and please enter your complaint.

  • Click on the submit option. 

  • The team will respond to your complaint as soon as possible. 

How do I contact LAX lost and found?

To contact LAX lost and found, you can use different ways of communication. Here are some:

Call LAX Lost and Found Department

To call the LAX lost and found department, you should visit the website and click on the contact option. Under the contact option, you have to select the official number. You can dial LAX lost & found number (855) 463-5252. Now, you have to follow the IVR steps:

  • Press 1 or 2 for language. 

  • Press 3 for reservations.

  • Press 4 for the cancelations 

  • Press 6 for customer service. 

When you reach out to the team member of LAX, you can ask them about your lost thing. If they find your lost item, they will send it to your home, or you can come to the airport to receive it. 

Chat with the Team of LAX.

You can chat with the team of LAX. You can ask the team about your lost item when you chat with the team. The team will find it and send it to your home.