Change Your Name On Porter Airlines Booking

Get Information To Change The Name On Porter Airlines Booking

Porter Airlines encourages you to book your flight to your destination on its official booking website. It even assists you in making your booking safe and secure when changing personal and contact details for your booked flight ticket. So, if you have booked your flight ticket with Porter and want to change your name, you need to ensure that you have a valid document that matches your booked flight ticket and request to change your name soon. When going for the Porter Airlines name change and looking for guidance, you will need to gather essential details that will help you change the name on your ticket and make your tour more comfortable with the correct details. 

How to change my name on Porter Airlines Booking?

When you notice that your name is wrong on your booking ticket and does not match in your passport, you will need to understand the rules and regulations to change your name and avoid unnecessary interruption. If your first and last three characters are wrong, you change your name by connecting with a live person within 24 hours of the booking. You also get a facility to self-name changes for the middle name and in the GDS for e-tickets that you have purchased with Porter Airlines, so you don't need to contact a travel agent who is generally available there to help you soon. But to change the complete name on your ticket, you need to cancel your flight and rebook it using the correct name. 

The process to change your name on Porter Airlines Booking:

If you want to change your name on Porter Airlines, follow the simple steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of Porter Airlines.
  • Go to the Manage Booking tab shown above on the same page.
  • Select the My Booking option.
  • Enter the confirmation number and passenger's last name into the required fields.
  • Go to the modification and cancellation option.
  • Select the name change option where you can edit your middle name to match your documents.
  • To change your first and last name's spelling, or want to change your complete name, you should contact a live person at 416-619-8622 and request to change your name by sharing your booking details to get a solution conveniently. 

What is Porter Airlines name change policy?

Generally, when you book your flight ticket on Porter Airlines, you are not allowed to change your name. So, you'll need to review your booking before making a complete payment at the time of booking. However, if you complete your booking and your name is incorrect, comprehend the Porter Airlines name change policy and learn the basic concept of changing your name, which you will find below.

  • Porter Airlines lets you change your name within 24 hours of the booking, which will be handled by the travel agent using a phone call service. 
  • You will get permission to correct your first and last name's three characters and show a valid government proof of ID to complete the task.
  • If you want to change your last name after marriage, your name can only be corrected if you have an original document like a marriage certificate, passport, and other government ID proof. 
  • You can correct and remove your middle name online, but if you wish to change your entire name, you can cancel your flight and rebook your flight by mentioning the new name. 

How much does it cost to change the name on the Porter flight reservation?

When you purchase a basic fare, you can change your full name on fully untraveled itineraries, cancel your flight, and book with a fresh name and booking details quickly. To change your name, you have to pay the Porter Airlines name change fees are around $50 to $200 per passenger.