How to travel with pets on Frontier Airlines?

How to travel with pets on Frontier Airlines?

Being a pet owner and traveler is so hard. You have to look after your pet all the time and can not also leave them behind. So, to resolve these kinds of issues, you can take your pets and travel with them instead. Choose to travel with Frontier Airlines, as it offers you the Frontier Airlines pet travel service. You can travel with your pets instead. You can request Frontier to add a pet to your flight reservation, or else you can do it on your own through the official website or head to the airport counter and ask the agent to help you add the pet to your flight reservation.

The process to add a pet to the Frontier Airlines flight ticket:

You can add your pet to your flight ticket through the Airline's official website; look at the below points to proceed ahead.

  • Head to the Frontier Airlines official web page.
  • Enter your last name and reference number on the manage booking page.
  • Click the Add Pet option from the bar and fill out the form.
  • Attach the health documents and the pet's ID.
  • After 24 hours, you will receive a call from the Airline to complete the process.

What is Frontier Airlines pet policy?

There are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow while traveling with your pet. Review the Frontier Airlines pet policy points below for more updates on the terms and conditions.

  • Only dogs are permitted on the flight operated by Frontier Airlines.
  • Travelers must submit the form 48 hours before the flight departure time.
  • Airlines Airline's policy is that only one pet per person is allowed in the cabin.
  • Reservations for your pet can be made when you book the flight.
  • The pet should be in an authorized kennel comfortably placed under the seat.
  • A maximum of six pets are allowed on each Frontier Airlines scheduled flight.

How much does Frontier Airlines charge for pets?

To travel with your pets, the airline offers you a mode where you can indulge your pet with your flight reservation. But for that, you need to pay the Frontier Airlines pet charges, which are around 199 USD each way per pet carrier. However, the pet should match the guideliAirline'se airline's policy. For more assistance, you can contact Frontier Airlines customer support and get more help.

How strict is Frontier Airlines with pets?

While traveling with your pet with Frontier Airlines, you must follow the rules and regulations. The pet should be in the carrier while traveling in the aircraft, and they are carried as a carry-on bag in their container; the pet is not permitted baggage. Also, you must provide all the essential documents to the airline's representative to secure the other passengers traveling along the aircraft.

Can emotional support dogs fly on Frontier?

Yes, emotional support dogs can fly on Frontier Airlines if the owner is suffering from anxiety issues or depression and needs emotional support and companionship instead of traveling. Then, they can carry the dog along with them. But you must have all the necessary documents to travel with the pet.