Get The Extra Legroom On Porter Airlines Flight

Be wise and select the extra legroom on Porter Airlines conveniently!

When you complete your booking with Porter Airlines, you get the facility to book your seat in advance. You will get the choice of selecting your best seat, and Porter Airlines does not have a Middle seat as it just offers you aisle and window seats only. 

How to get extra legroom on Porter Airlines?

If you want to make your flight journey more convenient with your family and friends while sitting together, you will get Porter Airlines extra legroom and a spacious seat that you can enjoy with your delicious meals and beverages. For this, you need to go to the My Booking option or contact a live person who provides you with complete facilities to choose your best seat with extra legroom easily. 

  • First, you can visit Porter Airlines' booking website.
  • Go to the Manage Booking option shown above on the same page.
  • Select the My Booking tab.
  • Enter the confirmation number and passenger's surname, and view your booking details.
  • Choose the flight modification and cancellation option.
  • Select the seat you want to change with extra legroom.
  • You will get the Porterreseve, PorterClassic Streatch, and Porter Class to select the extra legroom, and you can choose extra legroom as per your requirements.  

Are Porter's seats bigger?

Yes, You can get the more oversized seat on Porter Airlines that you can find during or after booking your flight. So, if you are looking for extra legroom, you will find Six Premium seats at the front of the cabin that you can select to make your flight journey convenient. You can select the onboard amenities when you choose the seating categories by setting the seat location, seat width, recline, and more. You need to check out the seat specifications by selecting the aircraft type including E195-E2 and Dash 8-400 and get complete details of PorterReserve which offers big seats with extra legroom easily. 

Is Porter Airlines Plus-size Friendly?

Yes, Porter Airlines Plus-size is Friendly if you travel within Canada and get the additional sitting space. You will get the Porter Airlines Plus size seats, when you wish to travel with your family, including kids, or confront disability by obesity or something else, you may request Porter Plus-Size without paying any charges. You will also get the extra legroom, and ensure you know the Porter Airlines extra legroom charge is around $12, which you must pay after selecting your Plus-size seats. 

How big are the seats on Porter Airlines?

If you want to fly with Porter Airlines, you need to know the Porter Airlines big seats you choose by selecting the different categories of the seating arrangement. You will learn about the Porter Airlines big seats by selecting the seat specifications by aircraft, which you can find below.

  • When you select the Porter Reserve, you will find the seat reclines up to 6 inches offering more comfort to travel with your family and friends together in the same class.
  • If you have chosen Porter Classic Stretch, your seat would be at least 4 inches, and you can choose to travel with more amenities.
  • You will get the Porter Classic that offers up to 2-inch seats that you can select during a booking and add complimentary meals and beverages smoothly. 
  • You need to learn the under-seat dimensions are 60x40x25 cm for all categories that you select to travel. 

How wide are Porter's seats?

When you are in the E-195 -E2, you will get 46.5 cm on all Porter Reserve, Classic Streath, and Porter Classic. You will have additional facilities that you can add when you are getting extra legroom facility and make your travel more comfortable and enjoyable.