Frontier Airlines Flight Check-in

How to check in on Frontier Airlines flights?

Have you booked a Frontier flight? And today is your day of flight. You will be required to check in for your flight to get your boarding pass, which allows you to board the plane, but you are unaware of the process of Frontier Airlines check-in. Don't worry at all because this article will help you learn the frontier check-in process. You will also learn Frontier rules and conditions for the check-in process.

Frontier Airlines web-check-in process:

Normally, the best way to check in for your flight is web check-in, and below are the steps you can take to check in for your flight online easily.

  • Kindly go to Frontier Airlines official website.
  • Then simply choose the check-in tab.
  • There, enter your booking reference number or PNR.
  • Now start your check-in process.
  • Follow the online process, and then after completion, your boarding pass will be generated.
  • Now, you don't have to wait at the airport, and you can simply use the e-boarding pass and board the flight.

Various ways to check in at Frontier Airlines:

There are also other ways that Frontier allows their customers to check in from their flight. Let's understand these ways in brief.

Check-in at KIOSK-

People can check-in for their flight by reaching the KIOSK and performing the check-in. Enter the booking details in the machine and follow the steps as displayed on the screen.

Check-in at the Airport-

The next way is used by certain groups of people that are not allowed for phone or web check-in. They are required to visit the airport counter for their check-in. In case you want to check in at the airport, then you should arrive at least 3-4 hours (for international) and 2-3 hours (for domestic) before your departure so that your check-in process and be done smoothly, and you can board the flight with ease.

What is Frontier Airlines check-in policy?

As you have understood the check-in process, you must be aware of the Frontier Airlines check-in policy that you will find below. 

  • You can check in for your frontier flight in multiple ways. Passengers can choose their mode of check-in as per their preference.
  • International and domestic passenger are advised to pay attention to their time for flight check-in.
  • Any passengers can easily check-in for their flight online 24 hours before.
  • Passengers who are traveling with any medical devices, unaccompanied minors, and any other special services, then they are allowed to check-in at the airport counter only.

How to get a free carry-on with Frontier?

The top-tier elite class members can easily get a free check-in, and if any other passenger needs a free carry-on, then Frontier has provided a limit on carry-on bags that any passenger can take with them on a flight free of cost, and it includes a personal item and a bag that must not exceed 14 x 18 x 8 inches in size and not heavier than 35 pounds.

How early can you check bags for a flight Frontier?

Suppose you have bags to check for a frontier flight. Then, you should be aware that your bags should be checked at least 60 minutes earlier than the actual scheduled departure. 

When can I check in online with Frontier?

Frontier allows their passengers to check in via Frontier Airlines web check-in for their flight one day before. The check-in portal opens 24 hours before the actual scheduled departure of the flight.

Does Frontier require a printed boarding pass?

Yes, it is good to keep a printed boarding pass at the time of boarding for the flight. However, you are not necessarily required to have a printed copy of it, and nowadays, frontier uses a credential authentication technology (CAT) at many of its airports. With this, the frontier can scan your driver's license or any other ID to confirm your identity, verify flight reservation, and see whether you have TSA PreCheck, which ultimately helps you to board without needing a printed boarding pass.