Porter Airlines Check-in

How to check in on Porter Airlines?

Airport check-in is the process of confirming a passenger's reservation, issuing a boarding pass, and checking in luggage before allowing them to board a flight. However, this can be a long process, and many of the passengers may not be aware of it and what to do. If this is your concern, you have reached the right place. This article talks all about the check-in at Porter Airlines. The passengers who have made a booking with Porter Airlines can read this article for reference. 

Various ways to check in on Porter Airlines flight:

Check-in can be done in multiple ways. The passengers have different preferences for check-in. Some may prefer to do it at the airport, while others may opt for online check-in. Considering the preference of the passengers we are discussing all the possible ways to check-in. Here is a list of options for check-in: 

  • Online Check-in: If you are lazy and do not want to move to the airport for check-in. It is best to avail of Porter Airlines web check-in from your home. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Porter Airlines opens the online check-in window 24 hours before the flight. Here is what you need to do: 
    • Visit the official website of Porter Airlines. 
    • Navigate the check-in option at the top of the page. 
    • Enter the last name of the passengers and booking reference code, and click on check-in. 
    • Move to the next option to add baggage and select a preferred seat. 
    • After this, you will have to make a payment for the seat and extra luggage if there is any. 
    • You have now completed the check-in process. The airline will now share the boarding pass with you. 
    • Print the pass and show it at the airport to board the flight.  
  • Mobile Check-in: This is almost the same as the online check-in. The only difference is you do it on the mobile app of Porter Airlines. So, first, get the Porter Airlines app on your phone and proceed with the simple process of check-in as above. Once you complete the procedure, you will get the boarding pass in the "My Journey" section of the app. 
  • Kiosk Check-in: In case you did not apply for the online check and have reached the airport and are worried about seeing the long queue. Do not worry, as you can still skip the queue and complete the check-in without the assistance of the airline's agent. Get to the kiosk machine to choose the check-in option and enter the passenger's family name and PNR number. Tap on check-in, follow the same process as above, and complete your check-in. 
  • At the Airport: Some passengers may hesitate to use the technology and require the assistance of Porter Airlines. To help such passengers with the check-in, Porter Airlines gives an option of offline check-in. You can simply visit the airport and locate the check-in counter of Poter Airlines, where you will get a person from the airline. Ask the agent for the check-in, and they will assist you with the procedure and hand over the boarding pass to you. 

When do you check in for Porter Airlines? 

The passengers booked for a domestic location will have to reach the airport two hours before the flight. For an international flight, one must present at the airport three hours before the flight for check-in. 

What is Porter Airlines check-in policy? 

The Porter Airlines check-in policy is listed below: 

  • Passengers can complete the online check-in window 24 hours before the flight. 
  • No change in the ticket is possible once you get the boarding pass. 
  • If you check in through the mobile app, there is no need to print the boarding pass.