WestJet Airlines Check-in

Everything you need to know about check-in on WestJet!

WestJet Airlines permits you to start the check-in online within 24 hours before flight departure. Add your baggage and select your seat during the WestJet Airlines Check-in process online and make your flight journey comfortable. You can even complete the check-in at the airport, but if you need guidance, go through the details on this page appropriately.

How do I check in on WestJet Airlines?

When you complete your booking with WestJet Airline and get the confirmation message on your email or phone, you are required to go through the check-in before your flight departure. WestJet provides you with a great facility to complete your check-in by going through the various methods listed below.

Online Check-in:

You will get the online check-in process to beat a long queue at the airport, add your baggage, and select your seat conveniently. If you want the WestJet Airlines online check-in process to be error-free, follow the steps below.

  • First, visit the booking website of WestJet Airlines and go to the check-in option shown above on the same page.
  • Enter the correct user ID and password to access, go to the booking details for the check-in, and add your exceptional services.
  • You will get the boarding pass. After completing your check-in online, you can save or take a printout of it.

Check-in using WestJet Mobile app:

You can start the check-in task using a mobile app that you can install on your phone. For WestJet Mobile Check-in, you receive a notification about your flight.

Use email for check-in:

WestJet provides your check-in process through the email service within 24 hours before flight departure. You will find a link for check-in in your email. Enter the booking details, complete the check-in, and get the boarding you can save on your phone.

Check-in at the airport:

You can start the check-in process at the airport using the self-service kiosk, and for that, you need to get to the airport within 3 hours before departure.   

Does WestJet Airlines have online check-in?

Yes, you can start the check-in online or get the mobile app within 24 hours before and up to 45 minutes before your flight on WestJet Airlines.

What is the WestJet Airlines check-in policy?

If you want to start the check-in to make your travel convenient, you must know the WestJet Airlines check-in policy and avoid unnecessary trouble. Hence, let’s learn the essential points for the check-in policy below.

  • You can check in for your flight within 24 hours to 45 minutes for domestic destinations and 60 minutes for international destinations.
  • Your check-in baggage will be accepted until the check-in cut time is 40 to 10 minutes before your flight.
  • If you are at the airport within 2 to 3 hours before your flight, you can complete the check-in process and plan your trip.
  • Once you complete the check-in online, scan your boarding pass at an airport Kiosk and print bag tags and other valid documents to travel.  

How long before a flight can I check in at WestJet Airlines?

You can complete your check-in at WestJet within 24 hours before a flight and receive a boarding pass easily.