About Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand, based in Auckland, is often regarded as the best airline in the world. The airline operates to 50 prominent destinations, 30 international and 20 domestic regions. One can reserve Air New Zealand flights to receive the utmost satisfaction with the travel. 

How to book Air New Zealand flights? 

In case if you seek the booking options available at Air New Zealand to determine which is suitable for you to buy your ticket, here the available options are listed:

  • Online Booking: Individuals can book their tickets online with Air New Zealand. The website offers the booking option, where a person can explore the flight tickets as per their preference and proceed with the booking following the on-site instructions. As the booking is completed, you will receive the Air New Zealand flight ticket on your phone number or email. 
  • Customer Service Booking: The customer service also offers Air New Zealand flight reservation service to travelers. One could call the team and talk with a live representative for the booking they need and purchase the flight ticket as they like. The official at customer service will share your booked ticket with your email address.  
  • Ticket Counter: The individuals could visit the ticket counter and ask for the required ticket with Air New Zealand. The representative will make the booking on the spot and provide you with the ticket in hand. A person is advised to carry a government identity card at the ticket counter. 
  • Travel Agency: One could also approach a travel agency to book an Air New Zealand flight ticket. The agent will get you the ticket based on your requirements. However, the travel agents charge additional fees on the flight booking for their service.  

Major Hubs of Air New Zealand:

The airports which served as the major hubs for Air New Zealand are as follows:

Auckland Airport
Wellington International Airport
Christchurch International Airport

When can I book Air New Zealand flights? 

The tickets can be booked at Air New Zealand one year in advance from the date of flight’s boarding. However, to obtain the Air New Zealand flight deals, one must consider booking their ticket 45 days before the required travel date.

How to get Air New Zealand cheap flight deals? 

As flying with Air New Zealand can be a burden on your pockets, you must know about some cheap flight tickets to buy your tickets. Here, some cheap flight deal tricks are mentioned that you are advised to follow:

  • Always consider early reservation of your flight ticket irrespective of the destination you fly to. 
  • Look for the website deals at Air New Zealand, which can provide you with huge discounts on ticket purchases. 
  • Redeem the available miles for the payment of the flight ticket you have chosen. 
  • Book your flight ticket online by opting for the incognito browser. 
  • Use the travel vouchers or credit points to avail of additional discounts on the total fare. 
  • Join the social media sites of Air New Zealand to obtain offers and discounts for your next trip. 
  • Consider booking a connecting flight rather than direct flights for cheaper fare.
  • Be flexible with the flying date to widen your flight ticket options and pick the cheapest one. 
  • Avoid traveling in the peak season to your desired destination.
  • Book the tickets on the weekdays for cheaper flights.
  • Book an early morning flight ticket as it’s cheaper compared to mid-day flights. 
  • Hence, a person can get Air New Zealand flights considering the above tricks depending on their convenience. This way, an individual would be able to make travel plans under their budget. 

What are the main destinations of Air New Zealand?

The Air New Zealand flights operate to amongst 50 destinations in the world, the main destinations of the airline are listed below:

  • Auckland
  • Australia
  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Canada
  • Christchurch
  • Cook Islands
  • Dunedin
  • Gisborne
  • Hamilton
  • Melbourne
  • Nadi
  • Napier
  • Palmerston North
  • Queenstown
  • Rotorua
  • Sydney
  • Tauranga
  • Wellington