How do I reschedule my flight with Turkish Airlines?

How do I reschedule my flight with Turkish Airlines? 

If you book a flight with Turkish Airlines, the airline provides you with the flexibility of changing it before departure. There are two ways to change your flight; online and offline. To process Turkish Airlines reschedule flights online, you can visit the Manage booking section online or the online check-in option.

Visiting the section above, you need to retrieve the booking details and go ahead with the Turkish Airlines change flight options. Then you need to follow the self-explanatory guidelines to reschedule your booking and confirm it to complete the process.

How can I change the date of my flight on Turkish Airlines? 

Whether there is a change in your meeting plans or the family function is postponed, you can easily change the date of your flight to Turkish Airlines anytime. You can make the changes online and offline by calling the contact center. However, to go ahead with Turkish Airlines changing flights online, here you can follow the simple steps listed below.

Steps to change  Turkish Airlines flight online:

  • Visit the official site of Turkish Airlines.

  • Go to the Manage booking option on the screen.

  • Just hit the option and proceed.

  • Log in to your Turkish Airlines accounts to retrieve the booking.

  • After you click on the manage booking tab, provide the details on the screen.

  • Hit the search button, and you can now view all booking details.

  • The screen displays various options to edit, view, and change your booking.

  • Locate the option 'Change flight date,' and click on it.

  • Now select the booking you wish to change and look for availability.

  • As per your requirement, change and select a new date.

  • Review all the changes, and click on confirm to update.

  • Make sure you receive a confirmation email for the new changes.

How do I contact Turkish Airlines to change my flight? 

You can change your existing booking by connecting to the airline offline anytime. Using Turkish Airlines change flight phone number, you can reach out to Turkish representatives and request them to make desired changes on your behalf. You can follow the simple steps below to avoid any confusion.

Steps to contact Turkish Airlines to change flight:

  • Dial Turkish Airline customer service number +1-802-430-6211(24*7 Toll-free) or 1 800 874 8875

  • You can press one to select English and then follow IVR.

  • Press 1 in case you are not a Miles and Smiles member.

  • Press 2 for Ticket and reservation.

  • To connect with the Turkish Airlines live agent, you need to press 2 and wait.

  • Now, as soon as the live agent is available, provide all the relevant information.

  • Confirm your confirmation code, passengers name, and flight number to the agent

  • A Turkish Airlines agent will verify your booking details and after checking the availability, will provide you with available options.

  • Once you select the option and the modification is complete, pay the Turkish Airlines flight change fee.

  • After you complete the change flight formalities, you will get a confirmation email from the airline.

So using the Turkish Airlines Change flight contact number, you can contact the Turkish executive and make the required changes anytime. You might need to pay additional administrative charges for making the change on the phone. However, you can opt for the Turkish Airlines online change flight option to save the additional charges.

What is Turkish Airlines flight change policy?

  • As per Turkish Airlines flight change policy, you are eligible to make changes only if you purchase a ticket from the Turkish Airlines ticket counter, at the airport, or official website.

  • As per Turkish Airlines flight change policy, you don't need to pay any charge fee unless you make changes within the risk-free period. The zero change fee is for a refundable ticket.

  • As per the policy, you can change unused tickets for a different destination, but you must pay the fare difference. 

  • You can make changes in your Ticket for a different destination only within the region groups mentioned by IATA ( International Air Transport Association) for partially used tickets. In this case, only fare differences apply without any Turkish Airlines changing flight fees.

  • You can make changes to your Ticket via Turkish Airlines sales offices, call centers, online channels ( for international flight tickets only), and agencies if you purchase a ticket via a third party.

  • You can make unlimited changes until 31 July 2022 if you purchase a ticket between 21 March 2020 to 31 May 2022 as the last flight date.

  • You need to cancel the ticket before departure if you wish to change the ticket to an open ticket.  

  • As per the change in flight policy, if you wish to change your ticket to Open Ticket, you must check the flight through the sales office, Turkish Airlines call center, and agencies from where you purchased your ticket, you don't need to pay Turkish Airlines change flight fees; only fare difference applies.

  • As per the policy, the Turkish Airlines flight change fee depends on the fare rule applied when you book the flight. For ExtraFly package tickets, if you make changes on your flight unit 12 hours before departure, you don't need to pay change flight fees. For PrimeFly packages, you can make changes even 1 hour before departure without paying any change fee.

Turkish Airlines change flight covid: 

As per the Turkish Airlines change flight covid policy, you get additional rights if the travel is affected due to pandemic conditions. You will be eligible to get a full refund without any deduction if partner airlines cannot provide you with alternate flights to your destination or if the alternate destination is not suitable for you. The other refunds and cancellation requests are evaluated following good fare rules. 

How much does it cost to change tickets on Turkish Airlines? 

Turkish Airlines does not offer a 24-hour window to change international travel. You can change the Turkish Airlines booking within 12 hours of ticket purchase and pay the change fee of around $ 200. Moreover, after 24 hours, the Turkish Airlines booking becomes non-changeable.

Can we change the flight date after booking Turkish Airlines? 

Yes, as per the Turkish Airlines change flight policy, you can make changes in your flight date before the departure. Besides, you must book the flight from the Turkish ticket counter, call center, and official website to be eligible for changes. You need to pay Turkish Airlines change flight date fee international if you change the international flight after a risk-free period.

How much does it cost to change a flight date with Turkish Airlines?

You can make free changes to Turkish Airlines flights for a certain period and eligible fare types. However, if you fail to do so, you might need to pay a change fee of around $ 21 to $ 55. However, if you make changes due to Covid-19, you don't need to pay any change fee.

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