How do I cancel my flight with Turkish Airlines?

How do I cancel my flight with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airline is well known for the best service and the most reliable assistance to its passengers. They have the best policies for everything, be it the ticket reservation, refund, or cancellation. We never think or plan to cancel our flight tickets, but the emergence can occur anytime and doesn't leave much of a choice in front of us. But Turkish Airlines cancel flights in a quick, easy way for its passengers and all the customers get the best assistance from the agent in case of any inquiry. People can also ask Turkish Airlines customer service to cancel the flight ticket for them. However, there is a simple process that you are required to follow for the cancellation of your flight ticket with Turkish Airlines. 

Steps to cancel Turkish Airlines flight booking online:

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.

  • Go to the 'Manage Booking' option on the tabs mentioned at the top of the home screen.

  • Locate and select the 'Manage booking' option and proceed further.

  • Fill out the personal details like the booking reference number and the passenger's last name. 

  • Press enter to continue.

  • Look for the flight you wish to cancel, select the cancellation option, and process further to make payment.

  • Follow the on-screen process and make the required changes. 

  • After paying the Turkish Airlines cancellation fees, you'll receive the confirmation on your registered email and phone number.

What is Turkish Airlines cancellation policy? 

There are some basic rules and regulations mentioned in the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy, which are required to know by the passengers before going for the cancellation. The regulation that allows the passenger to cancel the flight comes under the policy made by the airlines to ease out the process of cancellation.

Turkish airline cancellation policy COVID

  • Suppose you have to cancel your Turkish Airlines flight ticket due to some covid-related emergency. In that case, you are allowed to have a refund. You have to submit all the necessary documents that describe the reason for your canecllation.

  • If you get reported positive for COVID 19 and are restricted from boarding the flight with the Turkish Airline, then you'll be liable to get the full refund on the cancellation of your flight ticket.

  • Also, in these cases, you have the option of modification in your ticket, or you can also opt for the open ticket.

  • When you opt for the open ticket, you get the opportunity to travel anytime before the mentioned date without paying any additional charges.

  • You can also modify your ticket and again make changes to reschedule it for any other date up to December 31. And you will not be subjected to pay any additional charges while making the required changes. 

  • If the new fare charges are high, the passengers are also not required to pay the difference.

  • Passengers are also allowed to opt for a refund by using the miles refund option, and the refund will transfer to your Miles & Smile account.

  • The passengers can also obtain the Turkish Airlines voucher for cancellation having 15% more value than your flight tickets.

Turkish Airlines cancellation policy 24 hours: 

Turkish Airlines also has a policy of 24-hour free cancellation. However, the Turkish airline cancellation policy for COVID has more advantages and offers compared to the Turkish Airlines 24-hour cancellation policy. 

  • As per the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy 24 hours, the passengers will get a full refund on the cancellation if the cancellation was made within 24 hours of the flight booking. Provided the tickets were booked at least a week before the scheduled flight departure. 

  • Both refund and non-refundable flight tickets are eligible for a full refund under the Turkish Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy. 

  • However, if the cancellation was made after the 24 hours booking, Turkish Airlines will be levied on the cancellation.

Is there free cancellation on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines provide free cancellation in some cases where the reason for the flight ticket cancellation is some medical emergency, any unfortunate incident, or under the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy COVID and 24 hours cancellation policy. However, in case of a medical emergency and COVID 19, the passengers are required to present the necessary documents as proof for the free cancellation with Turkish Airlines.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight on Turkish Airlines? 

Turkish Airlines try to provide full leverage to their passengers even when it comes to cancelling flight tickets. The airlines have the rule to deduct the charges for the Turkish Airlines flight cancellation depending upon the time and class of the reservation.

  • If the passenger cancels the flight ticket after 2 hours of the booking and at least 12 hours before the original scheduled departure of their flight, then the airlines will deduct 20% of the total ticket fee as the cancellation charges.

  • If the passengers cancel the Turkish Airlines flight ticket between 12 to 1 hour before the flight's scheduled departure, the airline will deduct 40% of the total fare amount of the ticket.

  • Passengers are not given the authority to cancel Turkish Airlines flight tickets an hour before the scheduled departure.

  • The passengers that wish to cancel their business class ticket get charged up to $400 for the cancellation. 

What is Turkish Airlines cancellation fee?

The rules mentioned for the Turkish Airlines cancellation fees are mentioned above for a detailed and better understanding. However, the cancellation charges may vary from $75 to $400 for domestic as well as international flight cancellations.

Can you cancel your flight on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, you can cancel your Turkish Airlines flight anytime before the scheduled departure of your flight ticket. The airlines will provide you with the refund or full or remaining amount after the deduction of the cancellation charges as per the Turkish Airlines cancellation policy. However, if you cancel your flight an hour before the scheduled flight departure, there will be no refund given to you on the cancellation. There is an easy method and procedure to follow for the cancellation of a flight ticket with Turkish Airlines. 

Can I get a refund if my flight is cancelled by Turkish Airlines?

Yes, if, due to any unavoidable circumstance, the airlines cancel your flight ticket and are unable to provide you with an alternative flight for your destination, then the airlines will be liable to pay the compensation or refund your whole amount for the cancellation. The Turkish Airlines free cancellation also comes under this category, and you are liable to avail of the free cancellation on a refund if you cancel your flight ticket after a significant delay of 3 hours in the scheduled departure of your flight. If you don't cancel your flight, then, in that case, the airlines will be liable to provide you with compensation like refreshments at the airport and free accommodation in case you have to wait for your alternate flight.

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