Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy & Fees

Get a guide descriptive guide about how to cancel your Delta Airlines flight.

Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines to travel on. There are times when we need to cancel a flight due to various reasons. If you are looking forward to canceling your flight on Delta Airlines, the guide mentioned below will help you out in every way.

How to cancel a Delta flight online?

If you want to cancel a Delta Airlines flight, there are several mediums to do that. You are just required to reach the online website of Delta Airlines and go through the following steps to make your booking cancelation online. Also, use customer support for further assistance.

Steps to cancel Delta Airlines flight online:

  • Reach the official website of Delta Airlines and make your account login.

  • After that, from the given summary of flights, you can choose the flight you wish to cancel.

  • After selecting that particular flight, click on the “Cancel flight” option.

  • Once your flight gets canceled, soon you will receive a confirmation mail or message through the registered phone number.

Get assistance from a Delta Airlines representative:

  • Go to the official website of Delta Airlines and reach the customer care section.

  • Then, pick up and dial the Delta customer toll-free number.

  • Now, go through the IVR instructions on the call.

  • Skip all the number press options and interact with an agent to cancel your flight.

  • Now, you can provide the ticket information and ask them to cancel your flight.

  • You will get a confirmation message on your registered phone number.

What is Delta Airlines cancellation policy?

  • The passengers can easily cancel their flight online within 24 hours of the scheduled departure without any cancellation fee.

  • If the cancellation is done after 24 hours or after the expiry period f your reservation ticket, you will be charged a penalty as a cancellation fee to the airline.

  • The passengers can get a complete refund for their flight if the cancellation is done within an active span of time.

Delta Airlines COVID cancellation policy:

Also, as per the Delta COVID cancellation policy, passengers who are unable to travel due to the pandemic, they can easily get to cancel their flight without any cancellation fee. In such a case, you can rebook or change your flight without paying any fees as well.

How much does it cost to cancel a Delta Airlines flight?

If you are looking forward to the cost of canceling a Delta flight, you will know. In case, your reservation is canceled after 24 hours of the departure, you might have to pay around $100-$200 as Delta cancellation fees to the airlines. If the flight cancellation is done within 24 hours of the scheduled departure, you do not have to pay any charge. Also, the cancelation charges depend upon the kind of flight that you have booked with the airline.

The above article is all about canceling Delta Airlines. Before canceling a flight, you must go through the Delta cancellation policy to get more familiar with your booking cancelation. To get assistance, contact the customer care service of Delta Airlines and make your cancelation requests without any hassle. 

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