How can I get on the upgrade list Delta?

How can I get on the upgrade list Delta?

If you are a frequent Delta passenger and have booked a flight but post reservation you wish to be on an upgrade list, but you don’t have sufficient information about the same. You can go through the details about the upgrade list Delta provided below. 

Different types of upgrades available on Delta Airlines:

If you are unknown of the available upgrade option on Delta, then the airline provides the following upgrade mediums to the passengers:

  • Free upgrades: This upgrade option is only available to Medallion Elites members on domestic destinations. 

  • Upgrades via Global upgrade certification: If you are a Diamond Medallion Elites member and you wish to upgrade to first class, then you can use your Global upgrade certificate for both domestic and international destinations.

  • Upgrade via miles: If you have collected Delta miles, then you can utilize them to purchase your flight tickets and also to upgrade your traveling class. 

  • Complimentary upgrade: These upgrade options are provided to only Medallion Elites members; they can add a complimentary companion to their reservation. 

What are the ways to get an upgrade list on Delta?

Travelers can use any of the below-mentioned alternatives to be on Delta Airlines upgrade list.

  • Get a medallion status: The best way to ensure you are eligible to be on the Delta upgrade list is by becoming a medallion member. This status can be earned if you travel by airline, spending $25000 or more per year. Based on your spending, you will become a platinum, diamond, gold, or silver member. 

  • Collect miles: Passengers can earn Delta SkyMiles on their everyday ticket purchase, and they can get it for 3 miles per dollar using their American Express cards. These miles can be used for several upgrades. 

  • Get Delta upgrade certificates: If you are a diamond or platinum member, you will be given upgrade certificates that can be used for Delta upgrades.

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