How to book Delta Airlines last-minute flights?

How to book Delta Airlines last-minute flights?

Sometimes the plan is made suddenly, and you don't have Delta flight tickets to fly with it. But you can book a Delta Airlines flight at the last moment, where you can also get the best deals. The way to book  Delta last-minute flights is as follows:

Make a phone call to the Delta helpdesk:

Your flight will be booked instantly if you make a call to Delta customer service number  800-221-1212. You can follow the IVR menu to book the flight. Also, you can connect with one of the Delta agents who will make bookings on your behalf. 

Options available on Delta phone call:

  • Press 1 to make new flight bookings

  • Press 2 to know the flight status

  • Press 3 to make changes to your bookings

  • Or you can press # to connect with a Delta agent.

Other ways to book Delta last-minute flights: 

Besides phone calls, there are other methods to grab Delta's last-minute deals. The ways are followed here:

Book Delta last-minute flights Delta Airlines website:

You can book Delta last-minute flight on your own this way, and the steps are:

  • Visit the official Delta site at

  • Click on the Book given at the top of the homepage.

  • Fill in all the details 

  • And checkout by paying the price, and the flight will be booked.

Book Delta last-minute flights at the airport:

As you are going to book Delta Airlines last-minute flights then, it is also better to reach the airport instantly. Go to the booking window and ask the employee present there to book a flight for you. Fill out the form with authentic information and get the flight booked instantly.

Book Delta last-minute flights through the Kiosk:-- 

You can also self-help and make your bookings using the Kiosk machine at the functional airport of Delta Airlines. This is a convenient method as you can do it by yourself. You just need to fill in all the details of your bookings and then pay the fare.

How to get cheap Delta Airlines flights?

Delta Airlines has devised some paths using which you can book cheap flights with it. Those ways are:

  • You can use Delta Airlines Promo Codes.

  • Also, you can be a part of their Loyalty Program, collect points every time you have flown with Delta, and you can use these points to book a free or partially free flight.

Tips to get cheap Delta Airlines flights at the last minute: 

There are tips and tricks which you use in general to book cheap Delta flights. The tricks can be summed up as:

  • Plan your itinerary on weekdays as Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

  • Also, choose the cheapest month as April to grab Delta last-minute deals.

  • Use vouchers and pay a lesser fare.

What is the best way to get cheap Delta last-minute flights?

The online way is considered to be the best way to get Delta last-minute deals. Keep checking the prices online in incognito mode and book the flight when it is at its lowest price. 

Steps to getting cheap Delta last-minute flights are:

  • Go to the official site of Delta.

  • Click on the Book option at the top of the homepage.

  • Fill in the details and proceed.

  • Pay the price, and a booking is made.

What is the best time to buy Delta Airlines tickets? 

The best time to book a flight with Delta is considered to be a range of six to twelve weeks. You are suggested to go through the given points to know the best time to purchase Delta flights.

  • If you make bookings almost six or twelve weeks earlier, then you have a chance to get the best deals with Delta. 

  • Also, if your plan changes, you will not have to face any trouble in case your plan changes and you cancel your flight. More are the chances that you will be refunded fully. 

  • Also, you can choose weekdays Monday to Thursday to book and fly as these days demands are low as compared to weekends. Hence weekdays are best to buy Delta Airlines tickets.

Do Delta flights get cheaper if you book last minute? 

Not always, but yes, Delta flights most probably get cheaper if you book last-minute tickets. The reason could be that the Airlines reckon it is better to fill the seats with cheaper fares rather than flying them empty. Also, to attract as many passengers as it can, the Airline lowers the fares just before the flight departure.

What day of the week does Delta change prices? 

Well, ticket prices keep changing daily based on market factors such as demand and supply. However, if you are looking for some best deals, then read the bullet points here:

  • The lowest fares are witnessed on weekdays as Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you are advised to make bookings on these days.

  • The highest fares have been found on Fridays and Sundays as the demand for Delta Airlines is at its peak on these days.

What day of the week are Delta flights cheapest? 

There are several points you need to acquaint yourself with to know the cheapest weekday to book a Delta flight. Here the points are:

  • Through observations, it has been found that Mondays are undoubtedly the cheapest days to book a flight with Delta Airlines.

  • However, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays witness some of the best deals as these are the working days, and the demand is not that high on these days.

  • But Friday is a weekday and is high in demand, so Delta cheap flights are difficult to book on Fridays.

  • And Saturday is the weekend that can get you a cheaper flight.

  • So you are advised to book flights in the middle of the week on Wednesdays or Thursdays and keep checking on the fares to grab the best offer.

Do Delta prices Go Down on Tuesdays?

Yes, Delta Airlines flights' prices fall with falling flight demands on Tuesdays. So it is true that you find the lowest fare prices of Delta flights on Tuesdays.

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