How do I pick my seat on United Airlines?

United Airlines seat selection policy & fees:

Your travel experience depends on many factors, from the cost to pay to in-flight food and entertainment services. But despite selecting the best option in regards to these services, if there's one thing that can enhance or nullify the enjoyment of all these facilities, it is the seat you fly in. 

Seat selection is a very integral part of your flight. One simple decision can impact your whole experience. This is why, like many other airlines, the United Airlines seat selection process exists to make sure you have an opportunity to make the right call.

People have many questions when it comes to this service. And this is a very normal thing because not everyone flies frequently, and not everyone can keep up with the changing trends. So, this article has combined some of the most burning questions related to United Airlines seat selection.

How do I pick my seat on United Airlines? 

This is the perfect query to start the article, as this is the first step towards the process, and people are usually not familiar with this process. The United seat selection process begins after you have booked your ticket. You can avail this service through the official website, the official app, or with the help of United Airlines customer service. 

Steps to choose the seat on United Airlines:

  • First, open or download the United Airlines app.
  • Log in to the United Airlines website or the app.
  • Locate the 'My Trip' option. Enter the flight confirmation number and your last name. The app will automatically show you all the details.
  • To book the preferred seat on a United flight, hit the seat selection option next to your flight details. 
  • A virtual seat map will open that will show you all the available seats in your class. Select the seat and complete the payment if required.

You can also select your seat during the check-in process at the airport counter. The staff will give the option to choose from a list of available flight seats.

What is United Airlines seat selection policy?

The option to select your desired seat is available on all united airlines. The United seat selection policies exist to ensure that the travel goes smoothly and everyone gets the opportunity to get the seat they deserve.

  • As per the United Airlines seat selection policy, passengers need to select their seat during booking, after the booking, or before boarding the flight through the website, app, or check-in counter. 
  • If you fail to book a seat, the team will assign you a random seat based on your availability.
  • The United seat selection fees are different for different ticket types. 
  • United Airlines seat selection is not mandatory. Passengers have their own free will to reject the seat selection process.
  • Membership will yield a better seat selection opportunity. Premier members will get a complimentary Economy Plus seat, and they can upgrade it for free to MileagePlus Premier Silver or Gold seats.
  • The United Airlines seat selection policy allows passengers to change their seats anytime before departure. 

Does United allow free seat selection? 

If you are not a loyal member, then a free seat selection might not be possible. In most cases, the higher the status of your membership is, the better the facilities become. The same goes for seat selection. While MileagePlus Premier members get a complimentary seat in the Economy Plus class, the basic Economy class doesn't even have a seat selection option. Memberships allow you to upgrade your seat to premium cabin seats for free or by paying a small amount. Hence, you will need a membership to get a United Airlines free seat. 

How do I get a free seat on United?

Although United seat selection is fee-based, you are not required to select a seat. You can skip the seat selection process, and the staff will assign you a seat during boarding for free. This might not be your choice, but it will be free. 
How much does it cost to choose seats on United Airlines? 

  • In general, seat reservation costs are $5- $20 for both directions. This price can go higher or lower based on flight duration, route, ticket class, etc.
  • The price range is between $16 to $169 for an Economy Plus seat upgrade. 
  • The cost to choose seats on United Airlines for an unaccompanied minor is $150 for both directions.

Can you choose seats on United Basic Economy? 

Yes, you can choose seats in Basic Economy while traveling with United Airlines if you are choosing in advance. But with Basic Economy, you'll automatically be assigned a seat before boarding, and you won't be able to change once it's assigned.

What is the preferred seat on United?

In general, passengers ask these questions when they are unsure if they want to pay for the extra luxury and seat selection services. There is nothing wrong with being confused. For most passengers, the Basic Economy seats are the best selection. There is no seat selection service in the economy, so you don't get confused if you should pay a little extra to get precisely what other passengers will get for free. 

The seats are comfortable enough to fly easily. The boarding and check-in staff will choose seats in the United Basic Economy class for you. You need to tell them your preference, and they will assign you the seats based on availability.  

For further clarification and options, you can ask United Airlines customer service at 1 (800) 864-8331 about the seat selection and they will guide you. 

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