How do I check in on British Airways?

How do I check in on British Airways? 

Check-in is a crucial step to board your scheduled British Airways flight. The airlines provide different ways to check-in and get boarding passes. If you are not sure about the available ways of British Airways Check-in then you can refer to the below-mentioned ways. After check-in successfully, you are also liable to pick your preferred seats. 

British Airways check-in through mobile application: 

Many customers have installed the mobile application of British Airways. They can refer to the British Airways Mobile Check-in steps given below to check in online quickly:

  • Open the mobile application of British Airways.
  • Now, you must log into your registered account.
  • Click on the check-in button.
  • Enter booking details and follow the instructions. 
  • Finally, after check-in, your boarding passes will be saved on your device.

Check-In through self kiosks:

There are chances when customers cannot process online check-in and look for an alternate way to proceed. They can use the option of self-check-in kiosks to save their time, as they don't have to stand in the long check-in counters queues. For this, they must directly head to the kiosk and enter their booking details like reference-number and ticket holder's name. Now, they will be displayed with some straightforward steps. 

Check-in via British Airways airport counters: 

Those customers who are not aware of the check-in process can simply head to the airport counter and seek help from the corresponding representatives. They are supposed to provide the ticket number and traveler's name to the concerned British Airways representative. He will complete the check-in process for the travelers and handle them with their boarding-passes. 

Does British Airways have online check-in?

Yes, Online check-in is made available by British Airways. This is an easy approach that saves a lot of time for the customers. They can also select seats once they check-in online with the airlines. To use British Airways online check-in, the following instructions must be obeyed:

  • Go to the British Airways website.
  • “Booking reference” and “passenger’s last name” must be inserted.
  • Click on the “online check-in” button.
  • Now, you must download or take a printout of your boarding pass. 

What is the British Airways check-in policy? 

British Airways aims to provide all the relevant information regarding check-in to customers to avoid any confusion; therefore, it has provided several terms and policies. Some British Airways check-in policy highlights are described below:

The check-in counters close before 45 minutes before domestic flights and 60 minutes before international flight departures.

  • The online check-in process begins 24 hours before flight departure.
  • If any customer has made a reservation on British Airways via any discount, then he is required to check-in at the airport. 
  • If any ticket holder wishes to make any modifications after check-in, then he has to check in again. 
  • In order to check-in your bags, you must have your British Airways boarding passes.
  • Special assistance travelers have to mandatory check-in at the airport counters. 

How long before a flight can I check in at British Airways?

British Airways allows ticket holders to check-in for their flights from 24 hours to 60 minutes before flight departure. They can use any of the available modes to check-in for their scheduled flight. Check-in counters close 60 minutes before scheduled flight departure.