How to cancel an Air Transat flight?

How to cancel an Air Transat flight? 

Air Transat flight cancellation is a pleasing and customer-friendly process as they have made it easier and more comfortable for its passengers to cancel their bookings. They have made various options through which passengers can cancel their booking like online, through the airport counter, or customer service.

Air Transat provides flight cancellation through the online process on the Air Transat cancellation form with the steps explained below. 

Steps to cancel Air Transat flight online:

  • Go to the Air Transat official website, 
  • Click on the manage my booking tab. 
  • Enter the travel date, first name, last name, and confirmation number of the flight. 
  • On getting retrieved to the booking summary page, choose the cancel option from the menu list. 
  • Then, provide a reason or skip reasoning. 
  • After getting the cancelation done, you will receive an email for this to your email address. 

How to call Air Transat to cancel my flight? 

Cancelation of Air Transat tickets can also be done through the call process. You can easily go through the process using the call. To call dial the Air Transat cancellation phone number, 1 (877) 872-6728, and then on getting connected, follow the IVR: 

  • To avail of services online process, press 1. 
  • Press 3 for help with payment. 
  • To submit feedback, press 9. 
  • To make a complaint, press 0. 
  • Press # for any other issue. 
  • Press * to get through the Air Transat executive. 

What is Air Transat's cancellation policy? 

Before proceeding to cancel a booking with the airline, you must initially go through the Air Transat cancellation policy. The airline offers an easier and more comfortable cancellation process for its customers. Before this, follow the guidelines which shall help you with the required process: 

  • Air Transat cancellation policy covid: The policies that come under COVID are as follows: 
    • Within 24 hours of the departure, no change or cancelation can be done. 
    • The eco budget cancellation is 100% refundable. 
    • If the flight to the destination is canceled by the airline, due to covid guidelines, the airline shall not pay any refund. 
    • If you were affected by covid before 20 days of the travel, you must provide relevant medical documents, failing which the ticket shall be automatically canceled. 
  • Air Transat cancellation policy 24 hours: If the ticket has been at least bought before 7 days of the purchase, you can cancel the same within 24 hours of the purchase time and avail of a complete refund from the airline. 
  • If the airline cancels the booking, you can place a refund request and get the refund or the airline shall make an alternate booking on your behalf. 
  •  For any medical condition, if you get to cancel the booking, you must provide the relevant documents so that you can get a refund from the airline. 
  • If the airline cancels the booking you made with travel credits or vouchers, then you can get a refund and shall also be able to get the vouchers back. But if the cancelation is voluntary, then you will have to forfeit the voucher or travel credit amount to the airline. 
  • In case the ticket has been bought through the online process, you might have to cancel the same through this made; and when the booking on Air Transat has been made through a third party or travel agent. 

How much does it cost to cancel an Air Transat flight? 

For domestic flight tickets, a cost of $75 is the minimum amount to get the ticket canceled and for an international trip, the Air Transat cancellation charges are between $80 to $400. Make sure that you must agree to the terms and conditions and avail yourself of a full refund from the airline without having to pay any Air Transat cancellation fees. 

Can you cancel Air Transat within 24 hours of booking? 

Yes, you can cancel the reservation of an Air Transat ticket within 24 hours of the booking. The booking of the airline has to be made at least seven or more days before the booking, and you can go through them for the required help. Irrespective of the fare type, you can get to cancel an Air Transat flight online without paying any extra cancelation fee within the risk-free period. 

What happens if Air Transat cancels my flight?

If Air Transat cancels the booking made on the airline through, you shall be eligible for a full refund from them. Also, rather than paying the refund, the airline tries to rebook a flight to the same destination. 

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