How to change Air Transat flight?

How to change Air Transat flight?

Air Transat is one of the Canadian-based airlines, and it also has a wide spread of traveling routes. When you have made a travel arrangement with Air Transat but want to change the same. The most convenient way for Air Transat change flights is online and you can conduct the procedure independently. The procedure to change the Air Transat flight online is provided below:

Steps to change Air Transat flight online

  • Get to the official web page of Air Transat. 
  • Click on the manage my booking options. 
  • Submit your confirmation number, first name, last name, and departure date. 
  • After that, click on the cancel flight options.
  • On the next tab, examine the payment summary as cancellation fees with the refundable amount. 
  • And then click on the confirm options.
  • Once a step is completed, then you will be able to acquire approval messages in your email and phone number.

How to call Air Transat to change my flight?

When you are willing to change a flight on Air Transat but do not wish to carry out a lengthy method, then approach the Air Transat customer service over call. For that, you can dial Air Transat flight change phone number, 1 877 8726 728, and then choose your preferred language from the IVR. After that, pick an option from the ahead shared menu such as this:-

  • Press1 for a low-fare inquiry
  • Press4 for existing booking
  • And then press 1 for a date change
  • Press 3 for a cancelation 
  • Press 8 to speak with the Air Transat customer service

What is Air Transat flight change policy? 

Whenever you get to change a flight on Air Transat, then you may have to follow up with certain terms and conditions. Further, you can have those provisions in the Air Transat flight change policy. Those provision has been exemplified at the bottom:-

  • Whenever you could change a flight within 24 hours of booking, then you could be exempted from any additional charges. But the flight ticket is to be purchased seven days before its scheduled departure. 
  • When you have to change a flight out of a 24-hour window, then you could be charged with a penalty. This could rely on the flight and destinations.
  • When a change is caused because of illness or medical emergency, then you may not have to pay any change fees. However, you may have to submit a related document to the airline for approval. 
  • If you switch to a new flight, then you could be governed by the new flight rules and regulations.
  • When you are not notified prior to the flight being delayed, then also a change could be conducted without paying any extra sum.
  • If a booking has been made with the help of a travel agent, then you would have to approach them, not an airline.

How much does it cost to change the Air Transat flight? 

When you have to change a flight on Air Transat Airline, then you could avail of a grace period to carry out the procedure without any fees. Whenever this time gets lapsed, then you could have to pay air transat flight change fees, which could be around $30 to $200.

How long before I can change my Air Transat flight? 

A flight on Air Transat could be changed within the said period, and when that period expires, then you may not switch. So, you can change a flight on Air Transat three hours before its departure, but it could also depend on your ticket type.

What does the date change mean on Air Transat? 

The meaning of date change on Air Transat is rescheduling a flight. When you have chosen a date but are unable to fly on the said one, then you could be able to choose a flight on the next available date. Sometimes, you can perform a request without paying any additional charges, and other times, you could have to pay a penalty. 

Can I change my flight date with Air Transat?

Yes, you can change a flight date with Air Transat. However, you get to comply with the fare rules to change a date. When you are competent, then you could reach out to its customer service over call, and the phone number is 1 877 872 6728. Otherwise, you can use online modes or visit the airline counter available at the airport. Further, you might not get surrounded by confusion as Air Transat changed my flight date because a solution has been raised here.

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